Meghan Markle All Set to Produce Film on Political Novel Election Year, Says Will Not Act

Meghan Markle along with Prince Harry has applied for trademark Archwell Foundation aiming at producing television shows and motion picture films

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is in news again as she is all set to produce a film that is an adaptation of political novel Election Year. Reports claim that she has made a deal in this regard with the author of the book, Lloyd Scott.

But the Suits actor is said to have clearly told that she is not interested in acting anymore. She will be in charge of the production of the movie including the screenplay. Election Year is the story about a presidential candidate who is a Russian operative.

Speaking up For Democracy, Standing up for Rights

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
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The story is said to have attracted Markle as there is too much talk about the US elections and the discussion about democracy in the current situation the country is facing. Another factor that caught Markle's eyes is the protagonist of Election Year, Senate staffer Maverick Johnson Malone working for a popular senator Suni Wainwright, who is revealed to be a Russian operative and his renegade character.

The politically-motivated project is likely to make some noise in the White House. Markle, 38, is said to have finalized the deal with Scott with both drawing up non-disclosure agreements. Markle will be seen in the producer's role for the first time. Scott has been excitedly telling people about the deal. She says Meghan contacted her after being alerted to an internet blog about the book. It would be a great screenplay and Meghan would have all the contacts to make it huge, reported The Sun.

Markle was heard speaking about values of democracy and rights on many occasions and the story of Election Year perfectly suits this genre. It can be noted that Markle had called Donald Trump misogynistic on one occasion. During the 2016 elections, Markle supported Hillary Clinton and had called Trump divisive.

Perfect Plan Before Leaving London?

It looks like when reports of Markle and Prince Harry leaving London and settling in the US without any future ideas were making rounds the couple had planned everything beforehand. Currently, Markle has applied to the trademark, Archewell, her and Harry's new foundation. The foundation is said to produce television shows and motion picture films. The Archewell name is said to have been inspired by the name of their son Archie Mountbatten Windsor.

Markle and Harry have plans to produce digital entertainment content from websites featuring information in the field of physical fitness to featuring information in the field of nutrition, general health, and mental health in addition to their venture in the entertainment industry.

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