Meet Wave Wyld - The Founder of The Trend Alert Movement That Changed The Game For TikTok Trends

Wave Wyld

TikTok has taken over the world in the last few years, growing a whopping 1,157% since 2017, sitting currently at over 1 billion monthly active users. One of TikTok's main driving factors for its success was its cultural phenomenon - TikTok trends.

Amongst the chaos of the fast-paced and ever-changing TikTok trends stood TikTok entrepreneur and mentor, Wave Wyld, in the eye of the storm with a crisp and clear vision of how to solve the one problem every TikToker was facing. This is the story of how Wave Wyld founded the TikTok trends alert movement and became the queen of TikTok trend alerts.

Wave Wyld joined TikTok to funnel some leads toward her personal branding course. Her life changed, however, when she spotted the problem everyone faced with TikTok Trends. Here's what Wave discovered:

The problem: Everyone was trying to catch the wave of the latest trend, but most were too slow and got left in the spray.

The solution: Predict and identify the trends early, and alert TikTokers of the current and coming trends.

Within 2 years, Wave founded and built the TikTok Trend Alert Movement into what it is today. She learned why people want to jump on trends early and she capitalized on it. The life of a trend lasts 3-5 days before it becomes old and tired. Once an audience is bored, they scroll, and ignore content, hurting video performance. Getting in on a trend early helps achieve traction on accounts.

At a time in TikTok when there were a few people doing 'trending sound announcements', Wave realized that she didn't like this approach because the claims around using a sound to blow up an account are completely false. She decided to focus on trends where the creator needs to take a specific action on the trend with their own spin on it to utilize TikTok trends. Wave posts trend alerts on her TikTok, gaining her extensive exposure on the platform. Her winning product, however, is her popular 2x a week Trend Report newsletter which updates her subscribers on all the up-and-coming trends each week.

Wave used her unique selling point to establish her TikTok empire and build a powerful community. She now coaches TikTok creators on how to grow their businesses on TikTok, earning her clients a total of $19 million in revenue.

"In less than a year, I've reached almost 150k followers and recently got verified on Tiktok. And I wouldn't have been able to do any of that without Wave's help." This is from one of Wave's clients, Aunty Skates (@auntyskates), currently killing it on TikTok. "The last trend alert I used of Wave's a week ago has currently got me 2.3 million views and counting. How awesome is that?"

It wasn't long before other TikTok creators hopped on the trend alert wave and rode it to similar successes. Yet, Wave remains the TikTok Trend Alert Queen. There are 2 things that solidify Wave's throne above the rest.

First, TikTok trends may be fast, but Wave is faster. With her years of experience, she can now predict the trends faster than anyone, often before TikTok even picks them up. Second, unlike her competitors, Wave's approach to TikTok trends, and TikTok for business in general, focuses on community, not virality.

While jumping on the latest TikTok trends can get you some exposure, it all means nothing without an engaged community that loves all your content. Wave uses this 'community over virality' approach to help her clients grow their businesses and monetize their TikTok.

Wave herself states, "As the queen who started the whole 'trend alert' movement, trends are only one small part of your content. I get it, they're fast, easy, and there are a lot of great ideas out there. But you have to offer value first. This will not only grow your account but also lead to more sales."

Using Wave's winning TikTok trends formula, you can unleash your business on TikTok, and build a powerful and loyal community. Stay ahead of all the latest trends with Wave's weekly Trend Report. Sign up today, plus follow Wave on TikTok, and unlock the power of TikTok trends for your business.