Meet Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa: A Fintech Pioneer Bringing His Expertise to a Technology-Enthusiastic Thailand

 Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa

Technology has become the cornerstone of various industries and has given birth to new concepts of digital currency like crypto and bitcoin. This has further opened doors for financial technology like blockchain to keep an account of such digital currencies. New technology implies innovative entrepreneurs coming to the forefront and educating others about the digital assets of recent times. One such name in the world of fintech is Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa, who is best known as the founder and group CEO of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings.

Topp's Bitkub is Thailand's largest digital asset and blockchain company, offering services for the digital asset ecosystem such as e-wallets and cryptocurrency trading. Topp, who has always been interested in economics and finance, began exploring bitcoin in his teens after being inspired by a blog written by Marc Lowell Andreessen, a Facebook investor.

This scenario propelled him to study a bitcoin white paper and launch himself in the cryptocurrency space as an entrepreneur. Topp came into this industry at a time when only a few Thais were aware of this financial technology. He utilized this opportunity to create an identity of his own by doing something different.

Having understood the potential and importance of revolutionizing the banking sector, Topp, at the age of 23, founded, a platform to buy, sell, and store bitcoin in Thailand. The company later got acquired by Go-Jek, which paved the way for Topp to launch Bitkub, a billion dollar startup.

Topp is not just an entrepreneur but also a keynote speaker and an educator who delivers and spreads knowledge on the topics of financial technology, crypto, and blockchain. His expertise landed him on the platform of the World Economic Forum 2022 to speak on the topic "DeFi: The Future of Decentralized Governance."

Besides, Topp has won the CEO of the Year Award and has also been featured in the Top 100 Blockchain Industry Leaders of 2019. His vision is to cement Bitkub as a dominant crypto exchange platform and maintain its standing in the market for digital assets. Topp's idea is to make Thailand enter the new era of financial payments and position itself to be able to attain licenses from the Thai government in all areas of the cryptocurrency and asset markets.