Meet Top Entrepreneur Shaul Rappaport's Masterpiece: Pandmedic Solutions

Pandmedic Solutions

While the search for an effective coronavirus vaccine continues, one up-and-coming medical solutions company has been active in their efforts to combat the pandemic. Pandemic Solutions is a U.S. based company that has been at the forefront of the corona crisis, with its innovative personal protective equipment. As masks, gloves, and sanitizer continue to be the leading commodities to help diminish virus numbers, Pandemic has gone a step further in creating new and innovative solutions for the pandemic.

Inspired by a personal experience on a flight back from China in January of 2020 had by Pandemic's founder, Shaul Rappaport, Pandmedic was born as a reaction to the lack of preparedness the U.S. so evidently showed at the start of the pandemic. Today, Pandmedic offers solutions like American made NIOSHA, FDA approved n-95 masks— a complete rarity, as these coveted masks are often manufactured and shipped from China and other foreign countries. With a factory here in the States, Pandmedic is able to quickly and efficiently service the coronavirus related needs of Americans.

But one of the most impressive innovations Pandmedic has developed over the past year is its anti-pandemic safety gate. With a similar look to airport security metal detecting machines that you would walk through at TSA, the anti-pandemic safety gate instead functions by taking one's temperature with an infrared touch-free thermometer. Once a person is determined fever-free, they proceed through the gate to be sprayed with a food-grade disinfectant. Having developed a tool that has the capability to greatly reduce the risk of the virus and other germs spreading, Pandmedic is dedicated to innovating new devices and solutions for the public.

The anti-pandemic safety gate has the potential to impact high traffic areas like malls, airports, schools, senior homes, corporate buildings, concert venues, and more. With a device like this, resuming a sense of normal life seems more possible than ever.

While Pandmedic continues to look for more innovative solutions and devices to help aid the coronavirus pandemic, visit their website for a list of products and solutions they currently offer.

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