Meet Sonia Pronk, a woman with an exorbitant wardrobe and a generous heart

Sonia Pronk

From time to time, the waves of inflation and dearth of income keep hitting the majority of the population, yet there exist a few individuals who are competent enough to still live an extravagant lifestyle. We know of one such individual whose sky-high priced wardrobe will amuse you and so will her benefactress's heart. Introducing the fashion lady, Sonia Pronk!

This young lady is well known for her fashionableness and peculiar style. But it is her affluent way of living that stimulates people to look up to her. Sonia Pronk is invariably seen investing a pronounced amount of money to build her wardrobe. She has spent approximately £200,000 on designer shoe collections and approximately £100,000 on each and every handbag in her vast collection of handbags.

Barring the cosmic amount she spends on her designer collections of fashion items, Sonia Pronk also donates equal (or probably more) amounts to deprived people. She has always believed in putting her concentration on charity. "Generosity is extremely significant to me. Donating to underprivileged people makes me feel connected to them and fuels my humanity. It is extremely pleasant to see jolly faces. I will continue to do this generous work for a lifetime, " said Sonia Pronk.

This philanthropic soul is primarily from Geneva, Switzerland and now she is residing in the ultramodern country of Dubai. She is married to a multi-millionaire man, Nico Pronk,
Sonia Pronk's luxurious way of life keeps millions of people amused and enticed. By the dint of her incredible fashion sense, she also started a luxury shoe brand that is currently on halt.

Besides being a fashion enthusiast and a promoter of humanitarian causes, Sonia Pronk is also a mother to twins. This lady knows how to play her role skillfully. The world would love to discern the breathtaking collection and benevolent heart of Sonia Pronk. For her future endeavors', we wish her all the luck.