Meet Social Season, The Digital Marketing Agency Putting Their Clients Above All Else

Social Season

By now, pretty much any business owner knows the importance of digital marketing. A valuable asset to the growth of your business, digital marketing is being deployed by both online and brick and mortar businesses more than ever before, particularly in response to the effects of the pandemic. Whilst we know it's important, business owners need to understand why it is so.

Over 7.7 billion people use the internet across the globe. Your customers are online, and to reach them where they spend most of their time, you need to build an online presence. It doesn't matter that larger companies are already doing so, the simple fact is that through effective digital marketing not only can you target your ideal customer, but you can compete with your competitors. By monitoring and optimizing your campaigns for better results, more often than not you can get an impressive return on your investment. None of this is possible, however, if you do not work closely with someone who understands your business at its core.

Founded in 2018, Social Season is an independent Melbourne-based digital marketing agency that has set itself apart from others in the industry. Having worked together in the music and events industry for years, long-time friends and colleagues, Erin Lyall and Ashlea O'Loughlin, were instrumental in the growth and digital marketing of nine live music venues across Australia, including the beloved Corner Hotel, 170 Russell, Max Watt's, and Northcote Social Club, and also had involvement with Falls Music & Arts Festival and Groovin The Moo. With extensive experience and proven success strategies, Erin and Ashlea decided to branch out on their own and now work with clients locally and abroad across a range of industries.

Social Season is founded upon the notion that 'your success, is our success. With this in mind, the carefully curated team has a simple and clearly defined mission – to help clients generate more revenue through strategic, data-driven digital marketing strategies and tactics that work together to strengthen their businesses. Whilst many digital marketing agencies may claim the same, not all keep this notion front of mind. "We understand the challenges of building something from scratch, and we take the opportunity to become a part of our client's team very seriously," says Erin. "We never gamble with your trust, or with our reputation."

Before starting any campaign, the Social Season team takes the time to understand the unique concerns and business objectives of any potential client. "We like working with good people who share our values, and whose products or services we believe in ourselves, especially if we can see ourselves being customers of our clients," says Ashlea.

Working with businesses based locally and across the world, Social Season has a varied client base across eCommerce, subscription-based businesses, and lead gen, and working with those in the tech/SAAS, fashion, giftware, interior design and art, music, events, education, real estate, and tourism industries.

Aside from getting to know businesses at their core to develop effective strategies, Erin and Ashlea conduct this practice to ensure that working with any potential client will be a good fit for both parties involved. "We do this because it's important that we can act as an extension of our client's team and ultimately we enjoy what we do a lot more when we believe in what our clients do and are confident we can get them results," states Erin.

After understanding a business' core needs, Social Season establishes a path to conversion strategy that will maintain the brand's relationship with their customer. Specializing in driving revenue, leads, and building brands for clients using strategic, data-driven social media advertising and supporting digital marketing strategies, Social Season tailors a unique digital marketing strategy for brands to implement and monitor. This strategy ensures that established businesses are strengthened through scaling their online revenue channels by driving profitable revenue and growth through a combination of paid social media, email marketing, message bots, website conversion optimization, and development.

Always striving for improvement, this female-led agency with a powerful punch has a simple and clearly defined goal - helping their clients hit their targets through strategic, smart, digital marketing solutions that work together, not in isolation.

If you want to take your business's digital marketing to the next level, you can request a free strategy call with one of the Social Season teams at