Meet Skye Drynan's House Of Skye Collection

 Skye Drynan

Today, when you think about sexy lingerie and fashionable bras, you probably don't think about function and utility. But one innovative entrepreneur has taken "high fashion and high function" to a whole new level. As many women know, bra shopping can be a tedious task. Finding the right fit that doesn't pinch, nor cause your boobs to look frumpy or saggy, but instead will boost, smooth and refine your boobs under a dress or shirt, is no doubt a difficult deed. Skye Drynan, a serial entrepreneur whose career saw revolutionary advances in the medical technology field, took matters into her own hands when she was confronted with the inevitable struggle of finding a fashionable and functional bra. Introducing House of Skye's SexyBack Bra.

"The development of the SexyBack Bra was inspired by the struggle that me and my girlfriends faced," Skye says. "We needed a backless bra that could actually provide support and was simultaneously beautiful. I thought, 'Why can't you have super high-fashion and high-function?'"

So what makes this SexyBack Bra so unique? With especially engineered technology, the SexyBack Bra is made with 22 interchangeable tabs that allows the wearer to adjust the bra to any style and fit they like. If one was to wear a strapless dress one night and then a backless dress the next, the SexyBack Bra can be customized to each and every design. Skye's technology in the bra has additionally received one utility patent with secured registration and five design patents in over 111 countries with 40 more pending, deeming the SexyBack Bra truly one of a kind. With its combined utility and function, the SexyBack also doubles as a fashion statement. With its gorgeous detail and sexy straps and glamorous hardware that is dually functional as much as it is beautiful, this bra does it all. And despite how technologically advanced it is for a bra, the SexyBack Bra's classic style is surprisingly affordable, making it a must-have in every girl's wardrobe.

"My SexyBack Bra is a comfortable and a high-quality invention that took five years of pad development," Skye says. "There are about two times the number of steps to make this bra compared to the designs of bras currently on the market. My patented technology is what makes the SexyBack Bra unique."

But Skye's designs aren't just exclusive to women. In fact, House of Skye recently launched a chic new line of briefs for men—Bareback briefs. Made especially for the modern day man with modern day innovation, the Bareback briefs are made from a medium weight cotton spandex blend with a design that is made to enhance a man's anatomy underneath his pants. The briefs also feature a sexy hidden pocket where the wearer can hide essentials for a "night out."