Meet Sea Sun, Here to Enhance Self-Care and Embrace Daily Rituals

Sea Sun

Simply put, self-care rituals are healthy habits. Self-care rituals are the things you do on a consistent basis, either daily, monthly, quarterly, or annually, to construct a calmer, more beneficial lifestyle. Ideally, these rituals bring you closer to the things you want to be, do, have, and feel. For many men and women, this takes the form of a skincare ritual.

Completed both morning and night, we all know how important it is to choose the right skincare products to help our skin create a stronger barrier against nasties. Sometimes though, skincare products themselves are not enough, and this is where Sea Sun Australia comes in.

Founded by Alicia Martin during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sea Sun has quickly grown from humble beginnings to becoming a cult favorite. "After working in a corporate setting for 12 years, I was constantly feeling stressed and burnt out," says Alicia. "I knew it was time for a life reset so I decided to resign." After applying for hundreds of jobs and receiving no interview invitations, one would start to feel very panicked, but not Alicia. "Instead I decided to trust my gut and completely pivot," she says. "I spent my last $8,000 and launched Sea Sun Australia in my spare bedroom in suburban Melbourne."

An avid beauty lover, Alicia decided Sea Sun would be a brand that promotes inner beauty as well as out. Deciding to create a core collection of clean, natural, and effective skincare products that make users feel good was only the first step for Alicia. "For me, creating a ritual around each product was key," she says. "Sea Sun Australia isn't just another step in your skin routine, it's a chance to take time out of your day, slow down, and really reconnect with yourself."

With self-care front of mind, Sea Sun Australia launched a collection of varying face rollers to encourage the ritualistic application of skincare products. "My first month in business I only made two sales," Alicia laughs. "It wasn't until I discovered the power of influencer marketing on Instagram that Sea Sun actually started to make waves on the skincare scene."

After working with inspiring influencers such as Matilda Murray, Jaz Hand, Cathy Evans, and Rozalia Russian, Alicia could never have predicted how successful Sea Sun Australia was going to be. Selling out three times over, one morning she woke up to over $20,000 in sales overnight and an offer from Vanity Fair asking if she would like the products to be featured in their magazine.

Since then Sea Sun has launched their first skincare product to rave reviews. PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free, The Eye Mask by Sea Sun Australia works as an ultra-calming under-eye mask. Hydrating, firming, and smoothing, it includes hero ingredients like hyaluronic acid, marine algae collagen, cherry extract, and rose flower oil.

Valuing self-care and wellness, whilst realizing the importance of sustainable, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, the launch of further skincare products from Sea Sun Australia is highly anticipated. It's sure to sell out fast so be sure to stay in the loop by following Sea Sun Australia on Instagram.