Meet Savannah Wright, Founder Of Get Fit With Sav

Savannah Wright

Savannah Wright, founder of Get Fit With Sav, is inspiring women to get healthy and love their bodies. Savannah grew up in Seattle, Washington, her parents were bodybuilders, so she was continually around a healthy, physical lifestyle, and knew exercise was important. As a high school athlete Savannah played volleyball, and was in good physical shape, though she was never fully happy with how her body looked and felt. Now, she shares her own fitness journey to help other women love their bodies and truly feel good.

In college Savannah stopped playing competitive sports but wanted to be in better shape so she worked out on an elliptical machine, sometimes putting in some extra work on abs, but she did not get the results she hoped for and felt tired and defeated. In her junior year, Savannah went to Barcelona, Spain to study abroad. There she leaned into her love of baked treats and coffee, and when she returned, was 20 pounds heavier. Back to the gym, she went, this time Savannah learned about weightlifting through CrossFit and fell in love with it. Injuries from her athlete days resurfaced and she had to stop, however, the drive to change her body through weights was permanent.

After graduating college Savannah and her boyfriend moved to California where she had a full-time job in the corporate world that let her work remotely. Being in a new place inspired her, she liked the idea of starting something new and decided to focus on finally getting her body where she wanted it to be. She started researching different weight training workouts and learned about nutrition. As she learned and saw her body start to change, she shared her journey on her personal social media.

Friends from college started reaching out, wanting her to help them get healthy, and she tried to do individual training, however, juggling that with her corporate job was too much. After encouragement from those around her, Savannah started an Instagram and created a fitness program that shows women easy to follow, effective workouts using weights to shape their bodies. This became a second full-time job, when she reached over 100,000 followers, Savannah left the corporate job and focused fully on fitness. Now she is helping hundreds of women every day build a body they love through Get Fit with Sav. Follow her on YouTube, and connect on Instagram to learn more.