Meet Robert Ritter, Founder of InsMark, Who Is One of the Most Inspiring Leaders

Robert Ritter

Some say that change is the only constant. The world needs entrepreneurs, leaders who inspire change through their actions and use the combination of their intelligence, experience, and creativity to innovate the way things work - Robert Ritter is one such inspiring figure.

Robert Ritter is the founder of landmark FinTech software company, InsMark, a great source of success for over 30,000 financial producers. Nearly 100 major life insurance companies have sponsored InsMark's products. The success of InsMark reflects Robert Ritter's innovative ideas.

He established InsMark in 1983. During years of working in the retail end of the life insurance business, he felt something was always amiss in company-sponsored presentations. He observed that the illustration of life insurance data was typically poorly presented to customers because other departments, such as legal and actuarial, got in the way.

What prompted him to form InsMark was the development of the personal computer, which provided independent agents with easy utilization of InsMark's technology. Given his vast experience in the industry, he was quick to spot this opportunity, and from the get-go, producers loved his products.

InsMark today offers various software technologies specializing in the presentation of financial data. With the help of such software, financial producers can complete the routine, time-consuming, laborious work of developing creative presentations in seconds.

InsMark started its operations in 1983 without any financial help from any source except personal capital. Robert Ritter's company produced illustration software that he deemed valuable - and he wasn't wrong in his assessment. It worked big time!

Not only did InsMark turn out to be a profitable business, but it also has been a money-maker since its first month. It has helped its national producer group of $30,000+ (and growing) licensees present clients with a broad group of unique services, including life insurance products, retirement planning strategies, executive benefits, estate planning, and charitable giving concepts.