Meet Record Producer Trill Bans and his Rise in the Music Business

Trill Bans

The music business is one that many are struggling to break through but has been one of the most profitable businesses of the 21st century, and Trill Bans has now stepped his foot in the industry. Marko Cervantes Aka Trill Bans, who was born and raised in sunny San Diego, grew up playing soccer with friends until his Junior year where he started to make beats and hone the sound that he has made his business upon. Selling beats online is no easy task, it requires a great brand as well as the product, in this case his beats, to be on par with the top producers on the globe, but Trill was able to create quality beats and market himself through his social media following both on Instagram as well as Tik Tok which will then lead to his production on billboard charting albums.

His transition to industry producer all started when his friend told him to send beats to the Florida native Hotboii, who was just upcoming at the time, and since then have released many songs that include Trill's production such as "They Don't Know" and "Rockout" of his debut mixtape Kut Da Fan On, which has garnered over 10 million streams combined. The momentum that was built in 2021, working with Hotboii in Miami as well as producing on major albums, came at a grinding halt which would upset anybody else but Trill knew more was to come which in 2022, it did.

In business, hard times are bound to happen but if one can keep going then it can pick up, which for Trill, is when he co-produced alongside Touch of Trent "Computer Murderers" by Chicago superstar Lil Durk on his Billboard #1 album 7220. His run doesn't stop there, working with local artists from San Diego such as Lil Maru, co-producing with Marvinbeats "Mistake" of his EP From Me 2 You. Branding is key in any business which is no different in music and Trill has done his part, creating music content on Tik Tok which has further built his face card for the world to see. The music producer has shown throughout his production that he is capable of making hit songs and with the strength of his brand, his productions, and marketing, one can see that he truly has the potential to be a household name in the music industry