Meet Pim Comedy: A Man Who Breathes and Lives Creativity

Pim Comedy

Creative concepts govern the entire planet. With the help of creativity, a person can enter a realm of innovative ideas and think outside the box. It calls for an intangible amalgamation of creative thought space and ideas and converts them into an action-taking process. One such personality who is blessed with many creative talents is PimComedy, who is not just a fashion designer but also a poet, musician, and comedian.

A glimpse of the Pim Comedy Fashion Show

PimComedy is best known for its Pim Comedy Fashion Show, which explores the visual and acoustic themes of heaven and hell, light and dark, colors, laughter, and the humor of death. Pim delivers his songs as though to a group of other painters in an east village artist's workshop surrounded by mixed-media portraits. He blends in with them, shares the tale of his profession, and exposes a breath-taking secret as he does so. The themes explored in his show include despair, anxiety, quitting drug use, and coming out of the shadows. The show is featured off Broadway in Manhattan.

On the sidelines of his fashion show, Pim has also created the PimComedy Fashion Show awards, where he grants $200 to help empower the community in both New York and internationally.

Pim and His Appearances

Pim is devoted to improving both the world and New York City. With his art exhibitions, networking events, comedy shows, fashion presentations, and film festivals, Pim has reached audiences both nationally and internationally. He has also been featured on NBC,, TheaterMania, PlayBill, and official Broadway NYC sites like Telecharge, TKTS, and TDF. The iconic Chelsea Fashion Film Festival, the Off-Broadway production, and the Fashion Week FW & SS series in NYC are some of his notable projects.

Pim also works on social issues

Pim is also a philanthropist who works on societal issues. In 2008, he founded "The Set NYC," a platform that brings individuals together for networking, displaying their work, and assist in the fight against child trafficking. He is also a contributor to the creation of a comic book that teaches kids how to defend themselves against predators.