Meet Paramvir Singh Beniwal: An Athlete turned Travel vlogger with an unusual list of travel destinations

Paramvir Singh Beniwal

It isn't often that you get to meet people who love what they do and do what they love. In today's age of cut throat competition, studying to become an engineer, a doctor or a lawyer, getting a decent job and spending the rest of your life in the same profession has become a social norm. As daunting as it sounds, it is exactly what most young adults in India end up doing. It has become quite rare to see today's overworked and underpaid professionals working on a side hustle or a passion or devoting their limited time to up skilling.

Paramvir Singh Beniwal is the perfect example of an individual who was exposed to his potential career paths at a very young age and despite the fact that his field of education not being completely aligned to it, chose to enterprise and succeed. As a bachelor of zoology graduate from the prestigious Hindu College in New Delhi, this sports quota entrant had joined the institute with an unrealised dream of playing volleyball for the national men's team and travelling abroad for the same. Paramvir had suffered a severe knee injury owing to which he had to undergo a series of surgeries in 2014which had put a crimp in his plan of playing volleyball professionally. But inspite of all the odds, Paramvir's experimental and outgoing temperament and his parents' support were the tools that made him what he is today, a travel vlogger and a YouTuber. Now before you adjust to this piece of information, let us fathom out the significance of early exposure to travelling in his choice of career.

In his first year at college, Paramvir went on a solo trip to Turkey where he spent six weeks in a volunteer programme in the coastal town of Antalya. The 20-year-old returned to India with a positive shift in his perspective on life, culture and religion, and that's when his love for solo travel grew stronger. He decided to explore solo travelling as his newfound passion. Since then he has travelled to around twenty countries with more names being added to his wish list. Now this is not what makes his story a special one. It is actually his unusual bucket list of travel destinations that does and has made him the topic of discussion among hodophiles lately. The sportsperson turned zoology graduate turned travel vlogger turned YouTuber has also caught the attention of popular media houses and travel blogs. He is no ordinary travel vlogger given his bucket list of most dangerous places on Earth. Especially when it comes to pumping out niche content that serves the taste of his growing fan base, his graphs only go north. Garnering millions of views on YouTube and other social media platforms, Paramvir is one-of-a-kind travel vlogger who treads on a path which no other travel vlogger in India has stepped on so far.

Paramvir's reasoning behind travelling to such dangerous places is that some of them come with a huge potential in tourism. Just because of how international media inaccurately portrays these countries, they are held back from reaching that potential. His well-reported content is informative to all his followers who if not for his perfected social media strategy would have remained unaware of the fact that the world's most dangerous tribe is actually quite hospitable and that no country or people are as bad as you see them through the eyes of biased media organizations. His early exposure to travelling, enterprising and experimental attitude and love towards his work make him an example that young adults should get inspired from when they plan to break the social norms around career choices and choose to do what they love.