Meet Navghan Bharwad the iconic fame of Gujarat's Bharwad community

Navghan Bharwad

Navghan Bharwad is a popular name from Gujarat who is widely known for his humanitarian services. A proud owner of the Nagaldham group from Gujarat, Navghan Bharwad started his venture back in 2010 to carry forward the noble deeds started by his father who did it for 25 long years.

Over the years, Navghan Bharwad is known for his philanthropic deeds and is most enthusiastic about the social and rural development of the nation. Today, there is no single person in Gujarat who is unaware of this nobleman whose motto is to see people around him happy.

To date, Navghan has generously conducted a lot of humanitarian services. For the last 8 years, Navghan Bharwad has provided basic stationery to an orphanage named Thakkar Bapa in Gujarat. He also religiously donates sarees and 10 kgs of wheat to widows in Gujarat every year. During summers, Navghan Bharwad provides water and buttermilk to policemen in Gujarat who are beating the heat and working rigorously for the country.

This entrepreneur and philanthropist have conducted more than 1000 blood donation camps in Gujarat. Not just that, people who walk their way to Ambaji temple are provided with all kinds of assistance by Navghan and the team.

Celebrities from Gujarat have joined hands with Navghan Bharwad multiple times to associate in philanthropic work. Stars like Manu Rabari, Jignesh Barot, Kinjal Dave, Rajdeep Barot, Rakesh Barot, Kaushik Bharwad, to name a few have been grateful to the philanthropist for doing such work for the betterment of the society.

Recently, Navghan came forward to make a contribution towards the poor families who are struggling for daily food during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He hired around 25-30 auto-rickshaws and sent them to different areas with food and basic necessities for the needy families. Navghan Bharwad has also been providing lunch and dinner and also donated 1000 grain bags to them. Not only food, but Navghan Bharwad also contributed 2.5 lakhs to PM fund care to fight the race against the deadly virus.