Meet Mubashir Bashir Beigh - An Absolutely Fascinating Tattoo Artist from Kashmir

Mubashir Bashir Beigh

Tattoos are like narratives that make a life-long impact upon the body. Getting inked today is seen as a western-style term, some kind of latest fashion, but it is not like that. Making a tattoo isn't just scribbling something, it's a tough process to create the particular pattern or style the gives meaning to your emotions or anything that distinguishes you at all.

If you are planning to get a tattoo this year for the first time, connect with Mubashir Bashir Beigh, an Astounding Tattoo Artist From Kashmir. Mubhashir has been tattooing for nearly a few years now and he's the first to open and operate a Kashmir tattoo workshop. His work with captivating tones is stunning and his tattoos demonstrate exquisite juggling craft. His designs vary considerably from the ones of other rivals.

Mubashir is a famous tattoo artist, who has inked many Bollywood & Sports celebrities. He is the founder of a tattoo shop called Mubii's Tattoo Studio. For any lover of ink art, he offers advice on the appropriate scale and style. His creativity had made him recover from depression. He has customers from every corner of the world right now. On various social media platforms, he is immensely popular & has a large number of fan following who are very much attracted by his tattoo work.

Mubashir has an edge over other tattoo artists with his beautiful designs, not that he wants one, because he's possibly the first tattoo artist in the Kashmir Valley. He wants to focus on new ideas of cover-ups and tribal tattoos and hence his art mainly depicts the history, visions, faith, etc.

Mubashir Bashir, an art lover through and through, based in Kashmir, India, is known for his vibrant compositions and lively colour pastels. One glimpse at his Instagram account would immediately encourage you to get a tattoo.

His tattoo work is so impressive & famous that clients from all over the world are known to have travelled to India to get a tattoo from this professional and remarkable tattoo artist. This entirely makes Mubashir an eminent resource in his niche, to be honest, his hard work has taken him to such a level of prosperity.

Well, you have to visit Mubashir if you want to ink yourself with a fresh template and you live in Kashmir or surrounding places. His creations are clearly trendy and somewhat different from others and this is what makes him special.