Meet Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan: The Up and Coming Kuwaiti Photographer

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Mohammad JasemAlwazzan

A renowned photographer, a social media influencer, and a loving husband - Mohammad JasemAlwazzan is the man of the moment in Kuwait. His photography skills allowed him to work with some of the biggest brands in the world. Today, it's a dream come true to have him with us.

Q: Mr. Alwazzan, thank you for making time and speaking to us today. We would like to know how you would describe yourself and your work?

A: Thank you for inviting me here. Well, I am a very passionate photographer. I came into this profession in 1996 and have fallen in love with it completely. Apart from photography, I am also curious about tech information. I'm relatively tech-savvy, but I also love sports and fashion. I'll probably read up tons of online articles before Apple releases any of its products in Kuwait. That's partly because I do most of my photo editing on my iPad, Mac, and iPhone.

Q: That's wonderful. Mr. Alwazzan, What are your hobbies? Do your hobbies impact your professional life, or it just helps you pass the time?

A: My hobby involves doing voluntary work for the community through photography. I use my social media exposure to help people get what they deserve. Sometimes I also go to social gatherings and sports matches. These help my professional career as I always think about taking photos from a specific angle or what the camera settings should be at a particular lighting condition. These keep playing in my head even when I'm not behind my camera.

Q: Where can our readers readily find some of your work?

A: You can like my Facebook page for the latest posts, or you can follow my Instagram profile @MohamedAlwazzan. I love to share my work with my followers, and I hope everyone will like the photos I put up.

Q: You said you use Apple devices to edit your photos. Does that mean you rely on heavy editing?

A: No, heavy editing isn't my thing. I feel editing often takes the innocence away from a photo. Whether it's a portrait, a still photograph, or just a landscape, I try as much as possible to stay away from editing. But a few touch-ups are required, though. They help to enhance the beauty of the picture.

Q: Do you get requests from people to shoot for their events via social media, or do they contact you by coming to your studio?

A: Honestly, I'm thankful to social media for giving me the stardom I enjoy today. I do get tons of requests from social media every day. I got more than 300 invitations for shooting at private parties and even government events last year. That is a massive achievement for me. I feel blessed when people appreciate my work like this.

Q: Any suggestion to newbie photographers?

A: Take as many photos as possible from different angles. It gives you enough options to decide which images are useful and which photos you can do away with.

It's been a pleasure talking to you, Mr. Alwazzan. We hope that you continue to share amazing photographs with us in the future and keep us mesmerized with your skills behind the lenses.

This article was first published on November 11, 2020