Meet Michael Ferrera, a Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur, Who Realized His Dream Early in Teenage

Michael Ferrera

To many of us, it takes ages to materialize our dreams. Uncountable obstacles surround us, and sometimes, there comes a moment when we no longer mull over dreams and get into 'survival mode.' It's especially understandable for a person hailing from a lower middle class, given many intricacies attached to his life. But there are some people like Michael Ferrera who pay no regard to their life's complexities and set sail to attain dreams at a very young age.

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, he always wanted to be a fashion designer. Michael was 12 years old when he started his struggle to be on his own by selling door-to-door products and offering personalized services for some fees. An ambitious and committed boy, when Michael Turned 14, he took an important management seat at his father's music company and assisted with operations.

He then stepped into the University of California Riverside to study business economics at the age of eighteen, and that's where his dream came true.

While in college, he continued to run his father's DJ company which later transpired to be a lucrative business under Michael's leadership. It not only helped Michael but also generated massive revenue for the college. His entrepreneurial ambitions didn't stop here as he moved on to realize his dream of opening a clothing company. He named it Maestro Tech and offered artistic attires such as t-shirts, jeans, sweatsuits, etc. He started managing both companies, disc jockey music company, and Maestro tech, at the same time.

When he turned 26, Michael sold the DJ company after running it for 12 years but his passion for fashion didn't budge a bit, eventually resulting in him opening a high-level fashion brand, The Michael Ferrera Brand.

And then there was no coming back. Things incredibly worked for Michael thereafter. His brand, which he'd named after himself, attracted the spotlight as an emerging fashion brand in no time.

Today, Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing Company stands tall among other fashion brands that offer bespoke services. Whether you are heading on a business trip, sharing a stage at an event, or walking on the red carpet, this clothing brand has got you covered. The tailor experts at the company will prepare you with a customized and perfectly fitting suit that will enrich the entire experience of your journey.

Michael has used his decades-old experience in running businesses behind the clothing company. That's why it has been able to secure two prominent awards, LA Business Award and LA Fashion Award. The business is expecting a boom in its revenue as the team is in the last stage of planning to integrate ready-made products into the product line. Besides that, it also intends to include luxury women's gowns and wedding dresses in the near future.

You need only one look at Michael's face to realize the satisfaction he enjoys by living the life of his dreams. However, one must not forget that it takes commitment, sacrifice, vision, and perseverance to get to that level. Michael made it there as early as possible. When are you going to start?