Meet Kianoush Darban - an entrepreneur, a fitness model, an influencer, a skilled professional real estate agent and owner of KD Middle East

Kianoush Darban

Kianoush Tavili Darban, also known as Kinaoush Darban, a self-made star, former business development manager at the DeVere Groups who has carved a niche for himself in today's times.

Kianoush Darban is among those people who grind hard to engrave their success stories in the pages of history. It is his hard work, passion, and courage that made him what he is today. Kianoush is an entrepreneur who deals with real estate. He understood the basics of real estate on his own, has gained industry experience by working in different firms, and has gone on to become the industry leader in a short time.

Kianoush was born in 1978 in Tehran. After finishing his diploma in medicine, he went to the UK to study computing. After some years, he got his license of European computer driving and got his first break in the professional field in the year 2007. He started off as a sales consultant at Phones4u. In a very short period of time, he became one of the topmost sales figures in the UK and the company under which he worked was known as the country's biggest phone retailer with the maximum number of satisfied customers in hand.

Kianoush had a hunger for doing something better and with that urge, he flew to Barcelona, Spain in the year 2012 in search of more work opportunities. There, he got a job at DeVere Groups as a business development manager. After a while, he moved to the UK again. On asking about his returning back to the UK, he said, "there was something that I was missing out, I felt and a year after I moved back to the UK to thrive on my ideas in the real estate sector." Soon, he was working with one of the most reputed real estate companies.

His success in the professional field made him start something on his own. In the year 2014, Kianoush moved to Dubai. Now, he is the proprietor of the KD middle East. When talking about his achievements, he said, "I initiated my enterprise in the year 2015 and went ahead to become the exclusive partner with DP.LLC (real estate). In the year 2016-17, I became the top Sales Agent of the year at Driven Properties and has maintained that position till date."