Meet Jennifer West-Granahan, keeping it real in the real estate education industry with her robust courses

Jennifer West-Granahan

It is always surreal to learn about professionals, especially female entrepreneurs doing exceedingly well in various industries and in spaces known for being male-dominated. Moreover, their success stories hit hard and inspire many others across the world for the kind of resilience and perseverance they show and, most importantly, for the genuine intent with which they work for providing value to people through their work, be it in any field or industry. We came across one such high-performing entrepreneur and coach in the world of real estate, who is known for keeping it real in the industry and for educating people with the real estate strategy called Wholesaling; she is Jennifer West-Granahan.

Who is Jennifer West-Granahan, you ask? Well, this passionate professional helps people get started in real estate by helping them harness the power within to create abundance in all areas of their lives with the Success Mindset. Her program, which currently is one-on-one, will now be turned into a digital course, which will allow her to reach more people and change more lives. Her digital course will have a live element and a weekly Q&A session to keep people on track and to hold them accountable. Right now, Jennifer has an ongoing 30 Gratitude Challenge on FB to assist people in shifting their energy to a high frequency, which allows them to be aligned with their desires.

According to Jennifer West-Granahan, the big secret is that everything is energy, including money. She emphasizes that people can see the results they desire when aligned energetically. She has been helping people get started in the real estate strategy called wholesaling. Talking about her journey, Jennifer says that she started in wholesaling for raising money to start investing in real estate. Along the journey, she realized her true passion for helping others succeed and win. Hence, she started her YouTube channel for putting out real, solid content that people could use based on her experience. That is how she became a content creator and a coach.

Her program provides people with accurate information and knowledge to get their first deal and teaches them the right mindset to get their desired results quicker, enriching other areas of their lives as well. Her social media content today has helped many change their lives positively, where they closed deals, started a business, or brought their home, which further motivated Jennifer to keep teaching and to put out content consistently.