Meet James Gamet & His Fastest growing PR & Digital Marketing Agency 'Inches Make Miles'

James Gamet

James Gamet, an Oregon-based digital entrepreneur, has a mantra, i.e., "Inches Make Miles" and has changed many lives. No doubt he is now running a successful and fastest-growing PR and marketing agency with the same name.

It was pretty challenging when James started in the digital world. He was under a debt of $70 K, but it was his belief in Winston Churchill's quote, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts." that kept him going.

"I was able to come back and focus on my true passion i.e., helping others. By doing what I'm best at i.e., coaching and solving problems," says James Gamet about recovering from his phase of debt.

Cut to the present, James Gamet is the CEO & Founder of Inches Make Miles and the owner of Bang Muay Thai Portland. He is also a Black belt instructor at 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Portland. Isn't that amazing?

Talking about his brand, James says that they are consolidating nearly $100 K in courses, plus years of experience into an opportunity to build their clients' brand, get them exposure, and grow in authority. "After years in the military and federal service, I realized that my passion is to help others reach their potential," he says.

James Gamet's digital marketing company provides services like website development, SEO, Google PPC, YouTube Ads, Facebook, Linked In, Email campaigns, Social Media Management, Press Release & Media Placement campaigns. However, it mainly deals with getting people exposure, building brand authority, and growing their target audience with media placements and custom social media growth strategies.

Talking about the same, James says, "Most people are amazing at what they do, but in all honesty, suck at business. Whether that means getting publicity, leads, or one of the other thousand things that go along with running a business. So, I found a way to focus on helping others with all the other aspects of their business, so they can focus on doing what they are passionate about. Whether that is through generating leads via pay per appointment, or getting someone media placements, or even managing their social media accounts."