Meet Jaime Manteiga, America's top information security researcher & expert

Jaime Manteiga

As the society transitions to the digital world, there are more and more digital accounts facing cyber-attacks and phishing attempts. Hackers have done their best to violate corporate and organisational structures, whether small or big, and have sought to manipulate people and systems. Knowing the importance of privacy and security of an individual's data, Manteiga sets out a few techniques that small organisations may use to prevent cyber attack. Manteiga, born on 29 September 1989, is a Cuban-American technology entrepreneur and information security researcher. He is the founder/CEO of Venkon Corp, a computer and network security company based in Miami, Florida. He assists businesses around the world by overcoming their cybersecurity issues. He has an interest and passion to match security infrastructure with safety standards and organisational priorities, strategies, controls, protocols, policies and procedures.

Manteiga is a creative entrepreneur and leader of the Information Security Researcher Project with demonstrated expertise in managing, inspiring and mentoring team members in all stages of complicated tasks. He is also the founder of TAPTOK, a Miami-based company that, with its technological and innovative tool, eliminates the use of business cards and facilitates networking between people and companies despite the social distance. As an information security expert, Manteiga holds public recognition from large organisations such as Tesla, Shopify, United Airlines and Spotify to assist them in detecting and mitigating vulnerabilities in data security. "Focus resources in the right direction, know the risks and limit data access to the employees" are some of the few methods that Manteiga recommends for small companies that can use to avoid data breaches.

His hustler attitude, combined with his quest to accomplish great things in his career, led him to become a member of Forbes Technology Council, which is a world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives invitation-only community. As an accepted member of the Council, Jaime has access to a wide range of incredible opportunities designed to assist him achieve full professional impact. He will be engaging and collaborating with other esteemed civic leaders in a private forum and will also be invited to collaborate with a knowledgeable editorial team to share his expert observations on Forbes. com's original business posts, and to contribute alongside other experts in published Q&A panels. Manteiga said, "I'm really excited about being part of this community. For such a diverse community of leading practitioners, it is an honour to be included and I look forward to interacting, learning and contributing to the council.

Update the systems often: If the systems are not up-to-date, they might not be secure from these phishing attempts and cyber threats. Jaime Manteiga says that new viruses and malware are created every day and can pose a threat to systems if they are not kept updated.

Jaime Manteiga also emphasizes that every employee must be encouraged to come forward immediately in case of a data breach or spotting of any intrusion or virus instead of trying to resolve the issue all by themselves.
With his consultancy and effective advice, Manteiga inspires and enriches many of the growing entrepreneurs. In today's neck to neck rivalry in the business world, his extensive experience in the entrepreneurial world is exceptional and much needed. His security systems are robust and are the need of the hour in today's times.