Human visited Mars
Mars and aliens Reuters and Pixabay

Do you believe in aliens or their existence? Do you think that the siting news and alien contact stories are real? Whatever may be your answer, it won't matter because there are people who claim to have contacts with extra-terrestrials. These are neither mere hoax stories nor movie plots like 2016 sci-fi "Arrival" or Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar".

After a sensational claim by a Russian boy Boriska, who said that he was born on Mars in his previous birth, a woman from Switzerland, Hélène Smith said that she visited the red planet in 1894 at the age of 33 and she learnt the Martian language.

According to, the French national said that during the visit she communicated with aliens and had drawn landscapes, including those inhuman creatures with whom she met in Mars.

Hélène Smith painting 'Mars landscape'
Hélène Smith's painting 'Mars landscape' YouTube grab/ UFOmania - The truth is out there

Professor of Psychology at the University of Geneva, Théodore Floury studied her and wrote a book on her experience entitled Des Indes à la Planete Mars (From India to the Planet Mars) in 1899, which includes Hélène's paintings of Mars, including other important documents.

While Floury had claimed that she suffered from "infantile imaginings", two Psychologists Leonard Zusne and Warren Jones studied Hélène's case and said, "Flournoy was able to show her Martian language was an artful fabrication."

Hélène wrote unknown words and translated it into French. According to her, it was the language which she learnt in Mars. However, Floury said that the ability to read and write the Martian language is nothing but a mere constructed language.

Martian language
Martian language YouTube grab/ Mundo Dos Mistérios

The Psychology Professor also said that the unknown language is similar to the native language of Hélène. To explain how she took the source of the language to make it a totally different one, Floury said that such phenomena occur when a forgotten memory returns without it being recognized, which is called Cryptomnesia.

On the other hand, Zusne and Jones said " "Flournoy was able to show her Martian language was an artful fabrication. Although it sounded decidedly foreign, frequency analysis of words and letters and an examination of the syntax convinced Flournoy that the language had all the basic structural characteristics of French, Hélène Smith's native tongue. In a subsequent investigation, Flournoy reported that the source of a short phrase that she had written in Arabic during her Indian cycle probably came from having seen an identical phrase inscribed in a book owned by a Genevan physician. She had retained a visual image of the script and, in due time, copied it from memory in an uncertain hand."