Meet Ferrat Destine, an entrepreneur par excellence

Ferrat Destine

A successful entrepreneur is born after years of hard work, focus and perseverance, without which it's impossible to secure a top place in this fiercely competitive sphere. Ferrat Destine has succeeded in attaining this commendable position after going through the toughest of times, which has led to the birth of his entrepreneurial glory. He owns Impress Service LLC, which is doing exceedingly well, which has taken his standing as a businessman to the next level. The journey has been tough, but fulfilling, says Ferrat who moved to the United States in the 2000s to look for greener pastures. He tried his hands at numerous businesses, but success was still at a distance, as he failed in his endeavors badly. Not willing to let go, he finally set up Impress Service LLC, which specialized in residential and commercial cleaning services as well as laundry services in the state of New Jersey.

Though it was tough in the beginning, he developed his efficient team of workers and turned a common business into a top-notch organization within no time, providing high quality cleaning services to customers. With his business going digital, customers were now able to order their cleaning services at the click of a button. Impress Service LLC has captured the cleaning market at a fast pace owing to their extraordinary services which were incomparable. What's more, within a couple of months, the company was voted the #1 cleaning agency with multiple five-star reviews on Google, which was quite impressive. Speaking about the technological advancements that he incorporated in his business, Ferrat says, "after launching our business digitally, we have tried to implement ideas that would make it easy for the customers. Many don't like browsing, so a robot chat was added on the website, which was still not preferable by many. To counter that, we are now working on an Alexa command which would make life easy for our customers. We are constantly working towards providing the best services that would amaze people and till date have been successful in doing that."

Throwing light on his future plans, Ferrat says, "we plan to integrate cleaning services across the USA, and possibly worldwide if we go according to our chalked out plans. Furthermore, we are also working on launching other products in the market, starting with scent diffuser products which will hit the shelves soon."

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