Meet Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker From Cambodia, Soeng Chatvichea Breaks Barriers and Achieve Big

Soeng Chatvichea

Founder of 'Soeng Chatvichea Training and Consultancy' institute. Soeng Chatvichea has coached and trained more than 50,000 students in the field of growing up business and psychology and wellness. An Entrepreneur and a motivational speaker, Soeng Chatvichea being raised in a middle-class household, he was always motivated to do something big in life, and in the same manner, was praised by his counterparts for motivating them as well.

Soeng Chatvichea dropped out of his doctoral studies in Europe to sell corn cakes, pursuing his dream of becoming an outstanding entrepreneur, now has 4 very popular businesses on social media. You probably know the founder of Master Life Club, who regularly shares mindfulness videos online with millions of people each month, Mr. Soeng Chatvichea. He is a well-known Motivational Speaker originally from Siem Reap.

Despite being criticized by society for that daring determination, Soeng Chatvichea did not lose hope. He saw himself getting inclined on theories such as the Law of Attraction which led him to form "Soeng Chatvichea Training and Consultancy" in 2016 with an intent to train the masses. "I started my journey with a student base, I always had an intention to motivate people in achieving their life-long goals. This unbridled temptation to selflessly serve humanity had miraculously opened new pathways for me, "said Soeng Chatvichea. Breaking barriers to take risks and not being bogged down by societal norms, Soeng Chatvichea for certain believes in himself despite the odds and circumstances.

He has four business ventures, including DrExpress logistics Co., LTD, SCV Finance pawn shop, MasterLife Business Club, and Real Estate. It should also be noted that all these successes are not due to dropping out of school, he used the knowledge of the school as a whole, especially the lessons in the Master of International Business Management, combined with practical experiences for almost half a decade now.