Meet Entrepreneur, Author and Artist Ar-Rasheed S. Brisco Jr.


With all of the information put out today, it can be difficult to find people who give you guidance that you can trust. When trying to establish a brand with results, credibility, and the reach to help more people it can truly be a tall task. By having a clear vision, determination, and a relentless work ethic, you can achieve your dreams and cement your name in whatever you choose.

Throughout his life, Ar-Rasheed has shown to be the personification of perseverance. From the small town of Rahway, his ambition was always much bigger than his circumstances. Though his life story began with much struggle, his intelligence, work ethic, and creativity have helped to create what he describes as "an empire to be." This success has translated into many different avenues, which all help him come back to his community and inspire them.

Ar-Rasheed began with his credit consulting company that started in 2018. The company has spread to reach clients in over 22 states across the U.S. Through the success of his company, he began to write books that talked about Credit and finance just as his company works with clients. He first released "Mastering Credit" which talks about different strategies and laws in place to help legally & ethically repair tarnished credit history. Ar-Rasheed also released his second book in 2021 called "Making it Happen," talking about the power that comes with taking action versus stagnancy. He learned about his ability to influence and speak to people through this time, thus resulting in him releasing his debut inspirational EP in 2021.

Now that it's the Christmas season, he is releasing a full-length album that will be titled "Leading & Influencing" which will be tackling the many different aspects of leadership. He plans on speaking about the different characteristics of a leader, as well as how to both manage and lead a team. When asked about the project, he shared "I'm super excited about this project, the people are going to love it!" After the great feedback from the first release, Ar-Rasheed and his team are very eager to see the reception of this project. The release will be available on all streaming platforms very soon.