Meet Emmon Khan, a passionate man responsible for the exponential rise of the e-commerce and digital realm

Emmon Khan

A few young minds in the digital industry prove how people can leverage their power and potential and create a fantastic career for themselves. Emphasizing the same and wanting people to understand the importance of the digital sector, Emmon Khan is one of the young and passionate individuals responsible for the exponential rise of the e-commerce and digital realm as a whole. Emmon Khan was born in Pakistan and then migrated to the United States with his parents, and he had nothing more than a dream of a better life. Back then, his parents worked very hard. Emmon is a great digital marketing expert with about 13 years of experience.

After growing up in the U.S., Emmon completed his degree from Ohio State University with an accounting and finance degree and then got a job for an accounting company making a five-figure annual salary, which he did not like. He decided to look up self-help and personal development resources and then came up with a book, "Think and Grow Rich." He has more than 13 years of experience in the world of management and consulting in more than 500 companies, as well as he has spent time in China and Japan learning in the world's largest trade fairs. It has given Emmon the experience to learn from those businesses and make more than 8-figure revenues in his companies. His specialization in e-commerce dropshipping and brand building with Shopify has made him a digitalpreneur worldwide. The Shopify expert and digital marketing consultant help people with a "done-for-you" fully automated e-commerce Facebook marketplace store managed by his team, helping people generate passive income every month.

Emmon Khan is also the Founder of "Khan Media Group." His digital marketing agency specializes in getting leads through Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn ads, running branded Shopify and dropshipping stores, graphic design, content, editing, video, and animations services, etc. All this has made it possible for him to create and develop 7-figure e-commerce stores. He is also the Founder of Crypto and NFT labs. Do get connected with him on Instagram @emmon_khan.

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