Meet The Egyptian Brad Bitt,Alaa Shoier

Alaa Shoier is an Egyptian actor that garnered global popularity through his resemblance to the famous American actor Brad Pitt and Australian actor Chris Hemsworth.

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Alaa Shoier

Alaa Shoier was born in Cairo in 1992. He was drawn to acting at a young age, which led him to participate in various school-based performances and competitions. He received a myriad of accolades for his impeccable acting and impersonating skills, as well as for his physical attributes and abilities ever since he first set foot in the acting world.

Shoier's education path allowed him to be proficient in various fields, as well as have a taste of different cultures. He graduated from the American University with a bachelor's in Mass Media and Communication, after which he got his master's degree in Leadership and Innovation at AUD in Dubai.

He also attended numerous acting workshops across Europe, United States, and Africa where he reinforced his acting arsenal.

Alaa's rise to stardom began in 2018 with his role of Amer in Nesr El-Saeed, followed by his participation in KheyanetAhd and Khat Sakhin. His resemblance to Brad Pitt was noticed by both global audiences and communities of actors.

Shoier is a mirror image of Brad Pitt in movies such as Legends of the Fall (starring as Tristan Ludlow), Interview With a Vampire (starring as Louis), and the iconic Troy (starring as Achilles). His pool of influences and favorite actors is composed of numerous legends, such as Jason Statham, Tom Hardy, and Joaquin Phoenix.

His online presence on various social media platforms is remarkable, having a fanbase of more than 96,000 followers on Instagram, and over 22,600 followers on Facebook. His first TikTok post has reached more than 218,000 hits while the vast majority of his future posts were met with a similar response.

Alaa Shoier's dreams of becoming a Hollywood actor are steadily becoming a reality, as his international recognition and fame are rising. More information on Alaa can be found on all relevant social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

This article was first published on July 10, 2021