Meet Bryan Arion: A Talented Musician & Actor from Mexico

Bryan Arion

Many have goals; even fewer have the discipline to stay on course to achieve these goals. Given the realities of things, only a few dreamers even dare to break through difficulties and tough days in order to live their dream life. Such individuals are inspirational and end up becoming an example for many.

One of these inspirational personalities is Bryan Arion. He is a passionate actor and musician who has recently starred in various TV shows in America. Nevertheless, this journey was not easy. Bryan has sacrificed and suffered growing up, but that didn't stop him from dreaming. He grew up in one of the most fearsome and violent states in Mexico- Guerrero, Chilpancingo. However, he and his mother managed to escape the wrath of this city when he was only 5.

From then, Bryan's Mother worked tirelessly towards giving him a better future, and supported all his endeavors. He looks up to his mother and grandmother as they have fought to protect him and given him the wisdom to live through different stages of life. Given the harsh root, no one would have imagined he would make it thus far.

In his teenage years, Bryan dedicated himself to the practices of the guitar, piano, and the craft of acting on stage. Building these skills at a young age, he was able to hone his craft and prepare for the entertainment industry. In addition, Bryan built a strong background in MMA and developed an even stronger work ethic. Since Bryan's acting career has always been a higher priority, he views MMA as his second love.

Bryan has made notable TV appearances in several commercials and shows such as 5 Gum, Day of our Lives on NBC, The Last Ship by Michael Bay, and Selena the Series on Netflix, to name a few, and is currently working on some new and exciting projects.

Bryan aspires to one day direct and produce a movie where he highlights his childhood story and depicts his family life and history while growing up. Despite his audacious goals, he paces himself to enjoy every moment and cherish every day as if they were his last. He believes that nothing lasts forever, and thus, one should make the most of every moment and opportunity.

Bryan admonishes others to grow from their setbacks and imbibe a culture of gratitude. He uses his mother as a reference and motivation for anyone going through a rough patch, sending them a message of hope and a reminder that there's always a silver lining. He attained a successful career, despite the uphill; regardless of the racism, colorism, and persecution he encountered, he continued to move forward.

Coming from nothing and building a life for yourself all on your own without any connections is genuinely remarkable since it takes a lot of courage and belief in your abilities. Unarguably, Bryan's journey is indeed inspiring.

Bryan has lots of potential to grow in the entertainment industry and will make an even bigger name for himself. He is currently working on some new projects as well, which will help strengthen his career further.