Meet Anna B: The Founder and CEO of Lashes de Anna

Anna B

Starting a business from zero is difficult. There are so many boxes to tick, not to mention the different challenges like money issues. To run a business, you need money for marketing, employees, and raw materials. It is hard to get this when you are new in your field. It is even harder for younger entrepreneurs who don't have much saved up. But as Anna B reminds us through her incredible journey, you can get past all this and establish your brand.

Anna has always been passionate about makeup, more specifically eyelashes, which motivated her to start her journey in the beauty industry. Anna invested in her dream and took huge risks, including moving from her home country to the US. Seven years ago, Anna moved to the US and started an eyelash studio, Lashes de Anna. Today this studio is one of the top eyelash studios in LA and the whole of the US.

Lashes de Anna is a renowned eyelash studio in the greater Los Angeles area catering to celebrities, influencers, and beauty gurus. Lashes de Anna has worked with top celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, Grammy winner Rosilia, and IG superstars like Morgan Osman, Desi Perkins, and Nikita Dragun.

Anna's passion, business experience, and diverse approach to the makeup industry have helped her break into this competitive industry, with her lashes attracting massive attention from the public. Anna has coined the wispy cat eye with her eyelashes, making her artwork unique and beautiful.

Anna has worked in several industries. She has worked in an office where she did administrative work and even worked as a salon manager. Anna was very involved in almost everything at the salon. She was in charge of hiring, cleaning, and other administrative work. The only thing she didn't do was the makeup, haircutting, coloring, styling, or facials.

Her experience managing the salon ignited Anna's passion for makeup and beauty, and she enrolled in evening classes to become an aesthetician. Anna got her license after six months and began attending beauty shows and conventions to hone her skills and get clients. At one of these shows, Anna happened to come across an eyelash extension booth, and as they say, the rest is history. Anna found her niche in eyelash extensions and created Lashes de Anna.

As a professional eyelash extension studio in Los Angeles, Lashes de Anna has different eyelashes and provides eyelash extension applications, among other services. The studio has worked with top names in the entertainment industry and has been featured in leading beauty publications, including According to Anna, they are working on adding more locations in Los Angeles and beyond. Lashes de Anna is also looking to open a beauty school dedicated to eyelash extension application.

In seven years, Anna has built an empire. She believed in herself and her work and did not let what others thought of her stop her; she is now living her dream. She is using her incredible story to inspire other young entrepreneurs as she shows people that through hard work and determination, they can reach their goals and that every challenge has a solution. For Anna B, this meant moving across continents.