Meet Andrea Samantha: A Private Coach with a Goal to Motivate People to Success

Andrea Samantha

A six-figure income earner, Andrea Samantha never quits until she gets what she wants. Training her team of thousands to become top sales performers, she is motivated to encourage others to push through all sorts of challenges.

Growing up in Ohio, Andrea didn't lead a lifestyle of luxury. Seeing her father work day in day out, she became well-aware of the hard work and effort going into maintaining a livelihood. "My mom stayed at home with me and my sister, and my dad worked 9-5. He taught us work ethic and that nothing is handed to us."

At 18, when she started working as a hairstylist at an Aveda Salon, several avenues opened up for her. As her clientele continued to grow, there was no looking back for her. Andrea dived into the entrepreneurial world with her wedding hair and makeup business and an Etsy shop. "Being a hairstylist, I was commission-based, so I've always had to be on my game to grow my clientele and be the base to maintain them. I'm a creative, so I've dabbled on Etsy and had my own wedding hair and makeup business before starting MONAT in direct sales."

Soon after joining MONAT global as a network marketer, Andrea successfully made one million in commissions that landed her in a million-dollar club. Owing to her tremendous success, she eventually entered the coaching industry to help young individuals change their circumstances and strive for the best. Her endeavors so far, she believes have equipped her with several streams of income that have provided more financial and time freedom she has now.

Despite her praiseworthy successes, Andrea stumbled upon personal challenges through which she maintained a strong front. She made sure not to let her rocky marriage define her. Thus, she decided to seek the help of a business coach and a therapist who helped her conquer her hardships. "I am divorced and have two kids. My marriage was terrible and held me back. I am proud of the work I do on social media, my podcast, and everything I've done to continue to grow myself and my team. We do almost 1.5 million a month in sales."

At the end of 2020, Andrea started her podcast geared towards how to overcome trauma, work a business, and come out thriving. She aims to extend her passion by becoming a public speaker and coaching companies to raise healthier working environments.