Meet the All-in-one Anil Pandey Winning Hearts by His Entrepreneurial Mindset and Philanthropic Approach

Anil Pandey

It is rare to see someone wear so many costumes in the form of different roles that this entrepreneur, actor, journalist, and philanthropist has played in his life. Meet Anil Pandey, a multi-talented personality running four successful ventures along with his acting career. As said, one step at a time makes one reach the final destination sooner or later. Likewise, Pandey started his acting career during high school and since then he has come a long way having been featured in movies Sadak, Jeevan rekha, Bekabu, Rudra, and many others.

An American Nepalese, Pandey is the founder of Motherland Nepal, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization that aims to promote Nepali culture and tourism. He also functions as a Public Relations Representative of the Nepal Tourism Board to the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently living in San Francisco, Pandey continues to spread the philanthropic wave of helping
uplift the Nepalese community in the American society at large. His initiative, Motherland Nepal helped contribute to Nepal's 2015 mega earthquake that took the lives of more than 8000 people. Pandey also donated $25000 to the Nepali Community Center in 2016.

Besides Motherland Nepal, Mr Pickle's Sandwich, Everest Cuisine Restaurant, and M&M Thread Salon are his other ventures.

Before delving into the world of films and TV, Pandey used to work on the radio and subsequently found his ladder up to the film industry. He has been a significant part of the popular television series called Hijo Aaj Ko Kura for the past 7 years. To enhance his creativity further, Pandey is also a journalist who has contributed valuable articles for different newspapers. His curiosity is further reflected in his self-composed song Kursi Kursi and as the producer of the Nepalese film Chi Musi Chi.

Pandey has a message to give to all established and budding entrepreneurs during these tough times of the pandemic. He advises them to continue to stay in touch with their customers even when the store is closed. Adding to it, Pandey says that COVID has given us a good time to self-analyze our business strategies and plan for the future.