Meet Abby Roberge -One of the fastest growing comedians

Abby Roberge

It's a lockdown, you are stuck at home, you have nothing to do and are extremely bored. You think to yourself ''maybe I should watch something''. You go on Netflix but the list of things to watch is overwhelming and you end up not deciding on anything to watch. You are annoyed, but still need something to pass time. You then remember '' Oh, I love comedy, maybe I should watch something.''You go on Youtube and there is an endless list of videos. When at this stage, don't think twice, watch Abby Roberge!

With over 100 million views on videos of his stand-ups and sketches, Abby Roberge has won the hearts of millions of people who love comedy from all over the world. He usually performs on the World Famous Comedy Store and Just For Laughs. He has also performed with other big stars in comedy such as he opened for Bill Burr at the Just For Laughs Northwest Festival and has toured with prominent comedians such as Russel Peters, Bob Saget and Steve-O. On top of that, he is an actor having appeared in different TV shows such as ABC's Modern Family as 'Ben' and NBC's pilot so close as ' Gideon'.

Abby Roberge will not disappoint you. You are guaranteed to laugh and have a good time. He has a unique sense of humour which makes his performances a hundred times better. From funny sketches to stand up and crazy funny stories, you will be nothing but amazed and entertained. He has been named among the best comedians in Los Angeles and has gained an enormous share of fame and success over the years. If not online, you can watch him perform live ( after the pandemic of course ). Warning: work your ribs at your own risk as he brings so much laughter you might break them. He is a regular at the World Famous Comedy Store and Just For Laughs. He also tours around the world so you can check that out and secure a seat. Trust us, it would be the best decision you have ever made as someone who enjoys comedy. At least it was for us.

If not on Youtube or a live show, you can listen to his podcast Melrose podcasts. It has only been about a year or so since it was launched but it has turned out to be a huge success. A lot of people are hooked by it and so will you. Melrose podcasts has collaborated with some of your favorite podcasts such as NPR, Freakenomics, Call Her Daddy and Barstool Sports so there is a thousand percent chance that you will absolutely love it. Abby Roberge is planning on making it into a podcast network where he will work with many awesome shows so in case you thought that was all, you are in for a surprise.

If all this did not convince you, I do not know what will, like seriously stop playing and watch Abby Roberge then thank me later.