Medical Scholar Hanna Shanar inspiring youths with his upcoming book

Hanna Shanar

There are two different worlds that exist together. The world of science and religion. Science seeks to analyze the natural world through observation and experimentation. Religion is an expression of faith, primarily involving belief in God or gods. They are both parts of our life because they appeal to people in different ways. Both are invaluable tools in our quest for knowledge and understanding. With all these in mind, Hanna Shanar, a medical student and an author, has written a book on how religion and science indirectly impact each other. However, both the terms are different but still combine to give powerful meaning to the world.

How did Hanna Shanar start his journey of being an author?

Born and raised in the bustling city of Houston, Texas, Hanna Shanar has always had a burning curiosity for success and determination to succeed. Hanna Shanar began his educational journey at a very early age. His love and understanding of mathematics and science paved the way for a career in medicine. However, apart from attending a medical college, he attended the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, an undergraduate liberal arts college that heavily teaches philosophy and theology. As he continued to pursue these topics throughout the years there, he decided to write a book focusing on both science and religion, making a difference in the society related to these terms.

How did Hanna Shanar manage his studies while writing a book?

Studying for medical school requires the dedication of a seasoned professional. You won't find anything that can compare to the rigorous training Hanna has put himself through. However, being a bright student, he managed to spend a bit of time daily on his book. He would try to put in at least a little bit of writing every day, whether editing or rewriting paragraphs, researching topics for the next chapter, reading the book to ensure fluidity of style and grammar. Finally, after years of hard work and putting effort daily, he is all set to publish his book at a book launch event that will happen by the end of August.

What are the goals and plans of Hanna Shanar?

Hanna Shanar has always worked hard for his dreams and a bright future. His book, which will get published by the end of August, has been written with hard work and dedication. His book is aimed at individuals with an upper-level education since it uses a higher-level vocabulary and is associated with a complex and abstract topic. He has set his plan towards writing and publishing his first book. In addition, he is looking to expand his social media accounts to spread health information to a wide array of individuals, along with helping people master their own goals. Hanna Shanar's mission is to educate and increase awareness of health and fitness among the general public and youth. Along with all his achievements, Hanna Shanar is also building a legacy for upcoming generations.