Media Union urges tvN to stop production of Hwayugi after freak accident leaves staff paralyzed

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tvN's new fantasy drama, Hwayugi faced a major blow when one of its staff members fell from a height of more than three meters while fixing the chandeliers for the shoot. He was immediately rushed to the hospital in an unconscious stage and was later diagnosed with a broken spine and pelvic bone. He is said to have regained consciousness, however, due to the injuries doctors have said that the staff might suffer partial paralysis as an aftermath.

Immediately tvN issued an apology note and promised complete support for the injured staff. The statement read, "We producers have realised the seriousness of the situation and have been discussing the treatment process with the patients' family. We will pay keen attention to prevent further accidents on the drama set."

However, the National Media Workers Union has now urged the broadcaster to stop the production and investigate the real cause of the accident. "The staffs seem to be working overnight for days and despite that they were asked to install the equipment. The victim seems to have been forced to work because the art team had trouble finishing the schedule on time," Huffington Post quoted the Union's statement. They further demanded details on the roles and responsibilities assigned to the workers.

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To add more, CJ E & M has outsourced the drama production works to its affiliate, JS Pictures, who has assigned its team to work on the drama. Early this year, CJ E & M has established a comprehensive guideline for improving the treatment of broadcasting production workers after a similar mishap incident. But the Union claim that the production house has failed completely to fulfil their promises.

"The set was 3 meters high, but there was no safety equipment, and the set ceiling on which the victim climbed was known to have been made of "spruce" wood, which is low in weight and low in price," the Union said urging for immediate investigation on the issue.

This article was first published on December 28, 2017