Media is marginalizing trans women the way it did to Muslims, says Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil
Twitter / Jameela Jamil

Whenever a trans woman was accused of murder and violent crimes, the media cover the news extensively, said Jameela Jamil, who was upset that the media is trying to paint the whole trans community in a negative light and compared it to the way the media is portraying Muslims and South Asians.

The Good Place actress is also upset with the LGB community for shaming trans women by tweeting about the crime non stop and asked them to stop being so anti-trans as that would help the media in further pushing the negative narrative against them. She tweeted, "It would be good if the LGB Alliance, and their main champions, whilst simultaneously claiming they are not anti-trans, would stop relentlessly tweeting about the (minority of) trans folk who commit violent crimes as if in some way that's indicative of the entire group.''

She also called the media's selective reporting on trans crimes a conspiracy to malign the whole minority community. ''The pointedly selective reporting of the *few* trans women who have committed violent crimes, with WAY fewer articles on how many of them are murdered, harassed and oppressed... reminds me a LOT of the way the press report on Muslims/south Asians to paint us all as terrorists.''


Jameela also lashed out at people who poke fun at trans men saying 'they are men who just wear women's clothing'. She cited that those words remove their individuality and oppresses their identity as a person. ''This is a perfect display of how a worrying amount (not all) of cis-women essentially characterize trans women as nothing more than men playing dress up. It's a complete denial of their identity. I personally see transwomen as strength in numbers in the fight against oppression.''

She asked the whole trans community to fight back against any form of oppression and urged them to stay united till the battle is won. Jameela also stated that the trans community must not give in to the media powers who try to divide them and should stay strong and hit out at any unwanted criticism.