Meat Loaf Blamed China for Covid-19; Told Fan in Cameo Video Message That He Couldn't Sing after Endoscopy [WATCH]

Meat Loaf died on Thursday after contracting Covid-19 but the singer reportedly was also against vaccination.

Weeks before his death, rock legend Meat Loaf made a video for a fan in which he blamed China for the Covid-19 pandemic and said that he had health problems and suffering for months. The singer, 74, who died on Thursday, was making a happy birthday video on the Cameo service for a fan in September titled "COVID's a drag, but you can blame China" in which he blamed China for the pandemic.

The 'Bat Out of Hell' singer, who died surrounded by his family, told the fan named Marty a few weeks back that he had endoscopy and complained about the never-ending lockdowns and restrictions but said that China was to be blamed for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Blaming China

Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf Screen grab - Instagram

Meat Loaf also confessed in the video that his voice was hoarse and that he couldn't sing after his endoscopy. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you," the musician began to croon — before his voice got scratchy and he stopped abruptly.

"I can't really sing right now because I had anesthesia today and I had a pipe shoved down my throat — yes, an endoscopy this morning. Ugh," he said. Understandably, the rock star was suffering for a long time, probably months.

He died after contracting Covid-19 but the singer reportedly was also against vaccination. Two weeks ago, his daughter Pearl posted on Instagram that a few of her "friends and family" had tested positive for ovid-19. She did not specify if Meat Loaf too had contracted the virus at that time, but said: "Thank their respect for science that they're all vaxxed, otherwise they'd be way worse."

However, even then it is unclear if he had taken the vaccine. Meat Loaf refused to disclose his vaccine status to his fans, and urged them all not to talk politics when coming to his shows. Also, his family hasn't yet revealed if he died at his home in Nashville or in the hospital.

That said, it is clear that the "I'd Do Anything for Love" singer was suffering for a long time. In the video made for his fan, he also wasn't quite optimistic about life and blamed China for everything surrounding Covid.

Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf Screen grab - Instagram

"Marty, take care ... I hope you're able to have at least your family celebrate your birthday with you. I know COVID is a drag and we're all suffering because of it, and you can blame China, so that's it," he said.

Against the Vaccine

The Grammy-winning singer was reportedly an outspoken opponent of vaccine mandates, lockdowns and mask requirements before falling "seriously ill" Thursday. He was dead against politics and didn't want to mix it up with Covid-19 pandemic.

In August, he gave an interview wherein he said that he was against politicians trying to force restrictions on people. The singer asked the journalist from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette whether or not they'd like a hug.

Meat Loaf
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"I'm happy to give you a hug. I hug people in the middle of COVID," he said. The reporter replied: "You do? You're not afraid?"

It is believed that Meat Loaf died of several other health complications he had which aggravated his Covid-19 infection. He was severely asthmatic and battled a range of other health issues before the pandemic,

"Oh, I'm scared to death! You kidding me? But I'm sorry, I understood stopping life for a little while, but they cannot continue to stop life because of politics. And right now they're stopping because of politics. And on CNN last night, it finally came out that the masks we're all wearing are useless. But I've known that for six months. They don't do anything. They don't stop you from getting COVID. They're just a nuisance and make your nose itch and make it so you can't breathe," he had said during that interview.

Meat Loaf, who was born Marvin Lee Aday, died with his wife Deborah at his side - and while no cause or other details were given by his family, he had suffered numerous health scares over the years. He had an extraordinary career over six decades with the "Bat Out Of Hell" trilogy among his most popular musical offerings.

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