MBLAQ's G.O reveals hardships under agency, relationship with Choi Ye Seul

G.O. and Choi Ye Seul
G.O. and Choi Ye Seul (Instagram

Korean boy band MBLAQ member G.O, who is currently under military service, has revealed the hardships his group faced and his plan to marry his girlfriend, actress Choi Ye Seul.

G.O. and Choi Ye Sul are confirmed to be dating with him admitting the relationship in an Instagram post.

After this, he wrote another post for fans whom he said "felt angry and upset" about the news and said that he experienced two setbacks in his life under groups Tykeys and MBLAQ.

"I was under the control of someone else and I experienced a physical separation from the members. I had glory while promoting as a member of MBLAQ. That is the biggest honor of my life," he said.

But his happiness being in MBLAQ was muddled, saying, "Because of our agency's accounting issues and wrongful management practices, I had to say goodbye to two of my members. At first when I didn't know anything, I resented others in order to blame them for what was hard for me," referring to Thunder and Lee Joon who left the group in 2014.

"As time went on, Seungho, Mir, and I, who were left behind in the company, realized the truth about our label's wrongful practices. However, we still wanted to protect the name MBLAQ. It was very ironic. Many people criticized and pointed fingers at us," he said.

He said he asked the agency to issue a statement to the media to clarify things but the agency didn't.

"At that time, I went through a really rough time. All I did was grow older. The only thing I did in society was sing on stage, so that was a wound that was hard for me to handle. For over six months, the pain controlled my body and mind, and I spent that time drinking alcohol," he said.

G.O. said his depression prevented him from leaving his house and he cut off communication with people.

"I've talked about how I felt to my fans from time to time, but I've thought about quitting my career as a singer. I was once again emotionally shaken, and I was afraid I would lose my fans, manager, stylist, hair and make-up artists, and friends. In the past, I really felt like I was living through separation every day," he said.

He added, "While I was making new values through many experiences, I met Choi Ye Seul. I was surprised that I could be happy without any worries. I understood why my friends or other people wanted to brag when they were loved by a woman. That is why I didn't deny the Instagram posts."

G.O. said that "as a person who grew up in a harmonious, normal family, my life goal is also to live a happy married life with the person I love."