MBC actor Kang Ji Hwan gets hurt in car accident; 'Monster' shooting cancelled

The actor suffered body aches and bruises, his agency says.

MBC actor Kang Ji Hwan escaped without serious injuries after his car met with an accident. His agency Huayi Brothers confirmed the news of the accident through an official note on 20 May.

The 39-year-old, who is shooting for an MBC drama titled 'Monster', was on his way back home from the shoot when the incident occurred. While Hwan's car was destroyed in the crash, the actor and his manger escaped with minor injuries.

However Monster's shooting has been kept on hold and the Rough cut actor is likely to join after his recovery. In the press note released by Ji Hwan's agency, Huayi Brothers stated: " Kang Ji Hwan did get into an accident, but there are no severe injuries."

The press note added: "However, he is suffering from body aches and bruises, so we have canceled the shooting for 'Monster' today. Kang Ji Hwan promises to immediately return to drama shoot as soon as he recovers."

Kang Ji Hwan plays the lead in 50-episode drama series 'Monster' along with co-star Sung Yu Ri. The series, which started airing from 28 March, is on its 16th episode and has seen quite a surge in viewership numbers.