Mayweather Jr faces new foe in Thai boxer; Will his winning streak record be surpassed?

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather Reuters

The American boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr retired after marking 50 consecutive wins under his belt and that time, nobody even imagined that this milestone achievement could face a threat. But now, a Thai boxer named Wanheng Menayothin is just one win away to equalizing this flawless record.

If Wanheng succeeds in defeating Panamanian challenger Leroy Estrada in the fight on Wednesday afternoon, he will mark 50 consecutive wins under his belt, equal to Mayweather's record. The highly anticipated boxing encounter will be held outside the town hall of Thai city Nakhon Ratchasima.

Experts believe that 23-year-old Estrada will pose a huge threat to Wanheng in the upcoming game.

"He's younger and fresher. He's hungry for glory, and that makes a boxer always dangerous," said Carlos Costa, a boxing reporter who is covering this game.

Another win after this game will help Wanheng to outmatch the 51 wins set by Mexican flyweight Ricardo Lopez.

Renowned as the 'dwarf giant' among his fans, this Thai boxer is shorter and leaner compared to Mayweather. Wanheng is just 157 centimeters tall, and he weighs just 47.6 kilograms.

Even though Wanheng is nearing the record of Mayweather, the traits and attitude of these boxers in the ring are much different. Most of the matches played by Mayweather is defined by immense hype and trash talking, while Wanheng has a subtle approach towards every game he plays.

"I'm not feeling pressured, you win and you lose, and that's the nature of sports," said Wanheng a few days before, Rappler reports.

However, the boxer made it clear that he is working hard to equal the record of Mayweather.

It should be also noted that Wanheng has locked horns with only low-profile Asian boxers on his home turf in Thailand. But Mayweather in this winning streak had defeated some of the world's all-time best boxers like Manny Pacquiao.