Mayur Patil is the social media guru who's willing businesses create online presences

Mayur Patil

With our current world situation, social media has become a major driving force for businesses and has seen a major boost over the pandemic. And with the expertise of people like Mayur Patil who help businesses attain their goals this transition becomes a little easier.

21-year-old Mayur Patil is a prodigy in the world of social media. He started his career in working for Bella Thorne's media company 10 PM Curfew and has a major contribution to garnering over 3 billion video views for pages like @Style and @Girls. These are some of the most successful Instagram / Tik Tok pages in the fashion & beauty world, sourcing their audience with the best of style and beauty tips.

For anybody who knows how the world of social media works, knows very well how difficult it is to build an array of potential followers and keeping content fresh. For Mayur, it was nothing more than hard work, research, and his passion for media and technology.

Sharing more insights on the same, Mayur shares, "The biggest hurdles for brands that are forced to drive sales online will be how to curate engaging content & how to build an audience. Content goes hand in hand with building an audience. If you don't have an audience on social, the best way to build is through platforms that are boosting posts with no paid budget."

He further adds, "Platforms such as Instagram Reels are key for brands as you'll reach more people for free."

The young entrepreneur, Mayur Patil is not only highly skilled in mainstream media like Instagram and Tik Tok but knows how to use traditional mediums like SMS chains and email subscriptions to the best of their effects.

Turning his passion into a potentially successful career, Mayur Patil is making heads turn in the world of social media, someone to absolutely look out for.