Mayank Singh Rajput - entrepreneur and artist is a new global star from India

Mayank Singh Rajput

Today it has become most difficult for an artist to get the right stage to showcase his talent. Be it Bollywood, Pollywood, or any film industry, it is necessary to have very strong connections to make a place in them.

However, some talented artists are emerging these days through several casting agencies. But even today, no one is eyeing many talents. Entrepreneur and Artist Mayank Singh Rajput of Bihar is working to provide a better platform for these talents. He is working towards providing platforms to hardworking artists in Bollywood and Pollywood. Rajput was recently in discussion for campaigning on social media and digital media of the Bihar Election 2020. Mayank Singh Rajput's digital marketing agency 'The Digital Hunters' is doing a great job on events. Also, the agency is also associated with the campaign of the upcoming Punjabi song 'Roohafza'. It is a Punjabi song. In this, names like Punjab's actress Aarti Sharma and Aashi Rana are working. Also, this is handling the work of the Punjabi film industry and many big personalities and influencers of the state.

Mayank is working on several big projects these days to make Bihari and Punjabi language successful. For this, through their agency, they have chosen the way to promote hardworking and best artists. Prior to this, his agency has also handled the digital campaign of many big politicians of Bihar and Punjab.

When asked about the future plans of a young entrepreneur working for the purpose of furthering the Bihari and Punjabi language in India, he says, "I want to start a YouTube channel to showcase the talent of Punjab and Bihar' best artists", On which the talent of artists can be showcased as a rule. They can be promoted If you look carefully, you will find that many artists of Bihar have achieved amazing popularity through apps like Facebook, Instagram. They are still doing a fantastic job. I am sure that they are entitled to come into more limelight. I want to help these hard-working artists by promoting them on digital mediums. "We hope Mayank Singh Rajput is fulfilling his mission and making his name as an entrepreneur and artist on national and the international stage.