Maya Bernaia - Scaling new heights around the powerful Metaverse space

Maya Bernaia

Maya Bernaia is amongst the few who knew about the potential of Web 3.0, and hence delved deep into the subject to reach higher levels of success around it, which is quite commendable. This MBA in strategic management and PhD in international relations was always up to something worthwhile since she was four, which is amazing. She recalls how the thought of making this world a better place to live crossed her mind umpteen number of times, and she started taking initiatives to improve the situation to a great extent. "Hard work never scared me as I was always looking out for end results rather than crib about the challenges that I had to face during the course of my journey," says Bernaia. This Ukraine born creative talent always believed in walking the unconventional path from the time she graduated from high school. The land where she belonged to offered limited opportunities, which made her shift base elsewhere from where she started her journey from scratch. A graduate from the Harvard School of Design, she always had immense talent in her possession, which led her to take the right decisions where her career was concerned. She developed numerous tech solutions hovering around investing, gaming and social media space which got wide recognition.

Maya presently is a leading decentralized finance expert, investor and digipreneur who has capitalized on the power of Metaverse, which according to her will rule the future. She has always observed industries from their nascent stages and seen them grow big, same happened with the DeFi space, which has great potential, but now many, unlike Bernaia, were really interested in glancing at it from close quarters not knowing what they were losing out on. According to her, when many of these emerging technologies started off initially, take for example the internet, people were not aware of what drastic changes it would bring to the world, and today anything and everything works though this powerful medium. The same goes with the Metaverse, according to her, as it has vast capabilities to turn the face of the future in its own way, and those who adapt it sooner are bound to gain massively in the future.

Bernaia was always interested in emerging innovative technologies and was always looking out for opportunities around them. The DeFi space caught her attention big time, and she knew this is what she should work upon to reach a commendable position, which she did indeed. "I like to tread on paths that have never been walked before by many, and this made me think about digital assets like NFTs which were picking up pace steadily," informs the digipreneur. Metaverse is the thing of the future, and she was amongst those who realized this firsthand and jumped into it, to lookout for better avenues. She founded 'IamFuture', a platform that connects people to projects hovering around the Metaverse. Having a host of services like strategic solutions, marketing consultancy, and much more, she connected the right dots that join the DeFi space deeply.

Next in line was a Metaverse based community for roller skating enthusiasts called Metarollers, comprising 6,000 roller skating themed NFTs, created by the lady herself under the name Miss Volatility, the precursor to a Metarollers "Perform-2-Earn" game. The project would be extremely exciting for many NFT enthusiasts as players can skate across digitised areas, performing tricks and collecting artifacts which can be used to purchase and trade NFTs, which are entirely governed by the Iom Future ecosystem. "The project, which is based on the perform-2-Earn gaming concept, will create a revolution around the Metaverse. "Players also stand a chance of meeting their favorite celebrities," says Bernaia, for example the fantastic athlete Rollerouge.