Maundy Thursday 2022: Everything to Know About Passover; History, Rituals, Messages and Quotes

Easter is just around the corner, and Maundy Thursday is a part of this Christian celebration. Every year, Christians around the world celebrate it three days before Easter or on the fifth day of the holy week. This day marks two important events in the Christian history -- the Washing of Apostles' Feet by Jesus Christ and The Last Supper.

It is also known as Holy Thursday, Holy and Great Thursday, Great and Holy Thursday, Sheer Thursday, Covenant Thursday, and Thursday of Mysteries. It marks the last Thursday before Easter and the end of the lent season. The day always falls between March 19 and April 22. This year, it is celebrated on April 14.

The word Maundy is derived from the Latin word mandatum, which means commandment. During the last supper, Jesus commanded his followers to love one another. Before the last supper, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as an act of kindness. It is a time for Christians to reflect on the instructions Jesus gave to his disciples.

Maundy Thursday 2016
Catholics around the world will observe Maundy Thursday on April 14. Reuters

Here is Everything to Know About Maundy Thursday


Traditionally, the Pope washes and kisses the feet of 12 people to commemorate the Washing of the Feet by Jesus Christ. Usually, the members of the church are selected for this ritual. Likewise, the priests of several catholic Churches follow this ritual.

It is a public holiday in countries like Denmark, Spain, Norway, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Colombia, Paraguay, and Guatemala. But it is not a public holiday in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.

In the UK, Queen Elizabeth also takes part in the celebration by giving money to the deserving senior citizens of the country. This money is called Maundy Money, and the day is known as the Ceremony of the Royal Maundy.

It is known as Green Thursday in Germany. Green vegetable salad and Spinach salads are served as part of the meal.

Maundy Thursday 2016
Catholics around the world will observe Maundy Thursday on April 14. Reuters

Maundy Thursday Quotes

I hunger for the bread of God, the flesh of Jesus Christ ...; I long to drink of his blood, the gift of unending love.

A perfect God demands a perfect justice He cannot let us get away with sin. We used God's gift of our free will to trespass So heaven's gates were closed; we couldn't get in.

When u face problems in life don't ask GOD to take them away Ask Him to show His purpose Ask ways how to live a day searching his purpose for you.

Jesus took bread, gave thanks, broke it, and gave it to them, saying, this is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.

May on this Maundy Thursday we start it with Fasting and Prayers so that we can bring God's mercy and forgiveness on all mankind Lets Pray together.

Maundy Thursday Messages

May you find the renewal of hope, health, love and the spirit of God. Happy Maundy Thursday to you and your lovely family.

Blesses Holy Thursday. For me, this is sadder than good Friday. This is the time when Jesus offered himself as the lamb at the last supper

Happy Holy Thursday, everybody! Hope you all have a safe and joyous Easter weekend!

Today is Holy Thursday, we commemorate the Last Supper within hours Judas betrays Jesus. God bless you.

Remember Him and say Hallelujah. Happy Maundy Thursday!

This article was first published on April 13, 2022