Matthias Nezzar: An International Successful Closer

Matthias Nezzar

"Without business skills, your passion or hobby will not translate into money in your pocket." Matthias Nezzar is an extremely talented and internationally recognized entrepreneur who has managed to transform his passion for sales and marketing into a quality business empire which generates endless prospects and leads.

Growing up in the Parisian suburbs, Matthias Nezzar was always surrounded by strong willed and determined women like his mother and grandmother who instilled in him the values of compassion, hard-work and persistence. Having gained enough experience in sales and sports coaching, Matthias began to be on the lookout for something that had the potential to continually grow and develop.

One day, Nezzar clicked on a Facebook advertisement and eventually met David Michigan, an international entrepreneur and renowned business guru. With that began the powerful friendship of two extraordinarily curious and motivated men. David Michigan had a lot of work experience which led him to be a proficient attraction visibility expert and conversion sales specialist. Matthias instantly knew that David was the man he wanted to partner and grow an idea with.

The Hybrid Coaching model intrigued Matthias and he knew that it had the capacity to connect hundreds and thousands of teachers and learners across the world. Along with David, he introduced the Hybrid Coaching model to sports teachers, coaches and sellers. In today's date, David Michigan and Matthias Nezzar enable numerous coaches to bring their services and methods online by creating a brand impression for them that attracts and connects people willing to learn and grow in the fields of sports, fitness and health.

A successful sports coach who made use of the above mentioned Hybrid Coaching model says, "In trying times like these, it is extremely difficult to find willing learners and buyers at local levels. And even if you do, restricting your skills to your geographical boundary is something that I would advise everyone against. This coaching model has given me the space to sell my knowledge and equipment to various people around the world."

David Michigan and Matthias Nezzar are known to use brilliant sales techniques which are in line with the ethics and business values of the fastly evolving business world of the 21st century.

Along with David Michigan, Matthias Nezzar has become one of the most widely popular and innovative entrepreneurs. The Hybrid Coaching and Hybrid Partners business had a turnover of over 1,397,000€ for the year 2020 and continues to thrive till date.