Matthew's dexterity makes MJ Catterall the ideal stop for all electrical solutions

Matthew Catterall

Matthew Catterall founded MJ Catterall with the vision to deliver exceptional personalized services across the United Kingdom. Today, MJ Catterall is a prominent brand that delivers exceptional electric, plumbing, and security engineering services and is considered the most trustworthy, reliable, and promising electrical contractor in Morecambe and nationwide.

Matthew, also called Matt Catterall, is a recognized entrepreneur who embarked on his journey to become the most successful businessman in Morecambe, by delivering the best. Matt started as an apprentice in a company when he was young. He learned the skills and realized he has the potential to start something bigger, greater! Matt started from scratch as a one-man-army and began a start-up, and turned it into a thriving company in just two years. Now MJ Catterall is recognized by several governing bodies, achieved many awards, and is valued by 7-figures.

In 2019, Matt was a grand finalist at the prestigious England Business Award and won the Lancashire Division. Catterall has etched its name on the wall of fame with achievements and awards:

  • Morecambe Bay Sunshine Award 2020
  • 2021 SME Business Elite Award for the best electrical contractor
  • The Lancashire Business Award for the most trusted company in 2022

Matt emphasises delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction and providing a secure rewarding job for employees. To generate more secure jobs, Matt also runs an extensive property portfolio company. Matt firmly believes in rewarding hard-working people with impressive standards of living.

Matthew Catterall is a happily married man with two beautiful children. He is also a sports enthusiast and supports professional boxers and other sporting teams. Not only an entrepreneur but also a philanthropist, Matt believes in giving back to society; he frequently engages in charitable work for cancer care, hospice care, and bipolar patients in the United Kingdom. Matthew is a self-motivated person who aspires to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom. Once, he participated in a charity boxing match and won it. Matt says, "I have achieved many things in life but my family, wife, and two children have to be my greatest achievement."

Throughout his journey, Matt received incredible reviews and positive feedback from all his clients nationwide. Matt built a determined team of skilled electricians, professional project managers, contract managers, and qualified supervisors to deliver one-of-a-kind customer experience and solutions. He envisions expanding MJ Catterall and growing it twice as now by focusing on delivering immaculate quality and customer service.