Matteo Pittaluga talks about how the Social Media Manager role has completely changed in the post-pandemic digital economy

Matteo Pittaluga

Not only social media marketing but also E-commerce management, copywriting, and lead generation skills. In this interview, Matteo Pittaluga explains how the role of the SMM has recently changed.

Matteo Pittaluga is a well-known name in the field of Digital Marketing: he launched several E-commerce businesses, built online funnels that generated millions of Euros, and successfully launched his online business school Marketing Geniusthat counts over 35.000 students in only 4 years.

Today in this interview, Matteo will share his opinion on how the profession of the Social Media Manager has changed and evolved in 2020 especially with the growth of E-commerce during the pandemic.

Matteo the first question is: what are the essential skills that every Social Media Manager should have now?

I can say that social media marketing now is just a basic skill. Almost anyone is able to write a post on Facebook or publish a story on Instagram so this is not what will make an SMM special. We have to understand that now has finally understood the potential of online marketing so everybody has jumped on it and as a consequence, we are all experiencing a huge noise and confusion on social media.

There is simply too much stuff going on, too much content, and too many people trying to sell everything online. This is why a good SMM has to be able to differentiate himself by offering some additional value to his customers.

As I said, anyone on a technical level is able to make a post on Facebook but not anyone is able to create compelling ads, build a sales funnel, drive traffic to an E-commerce website, and convert visitors into customers... This is what Social Media Managers must be able to do right now!

I know you are very good with pay traffic, how important is that for you?

It's extremely important. Business and Social Media Managers have to understand that organic traffic is very limited: if nobody shares your content or it doesn't get indexed, then you will not get new leads. Pay traffic instead is a better way to control your business and make sure you get new followers and leads every day from social media. This is the reason why I am encouraging all my students to become experts in online pay advertising, so they can actually help their customers get results fast.

So a good SMM should know how to run ads... and what else?

Managing an E-commerce website. You know the biggest problem I see right now in the industry is that all these companies and business people eventually decided to build their E-commerce and start selling online but you know what? If you have an Ecom website it doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to make sales.

In order to be successful, an E-commerce needs lots and lots of visitors coming from all social media, Google and Youtube, and a good retargeting strategy to bring back to the website all the prospects that did not make a purchase on their first visit... and only a highly trained digital marketing professional can put in place a system like this.

What is the biggest tip you can give to somebody who wants to become a successful Social Media Manager in 2021?

Definitely do not limit yourself to social media marketing because the industry now is demanding more skills. Study Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube, and Google Ads, and learn how to optimize every step of the sales funnel for your customer.

You must be able to create compelling ads that drive a large amount of traffic to your client's website and then convert those visitors into buyers because ultimately this is what they are looking for.

As an SMM you must understand that you are paid not only to post content on social media because everyone can do that, you are paid for finding the right strategy and generate leads and sales on a daily basis for your client.

Also do not forget that E-commerce is the future, focus on learning how it works because you will be paid a lot of money thanks to this knowledge in 2021.

Thank you Matteo, you really shared some great tips and a lot of knowledge and experience in this interview. We wish you all the best for your future projects in Marketing Genius and we wish all the best to your students as well.

This article was first published on September 28, 2020