Matt Par Reveals How He Runs 9 Different YouTube Channels

Matt Par

Are you planning to start your own YouTube channel but a bit confused about the content, it's a strategy, notion to elevate it so that you can also gain some extremely fascinating fanbase like some other very famous YouTubers? Then Matt Par one of the leading and youngest YouTubers with a huge fan following has something better to offer you all.

Introducing Matt Par who is a 19-year-old YouTube entrepreneur running 9 different YouTube channels. He has earned the gold play button from YouTube on hitting over 1 million subscribers on one of his channels and multiple silver play buttons for attaining 100,000 subscribers on multiple additional channels.

If we talk about what he does then he has formerly released a free training program that demonstrates his 3-step procedure for beginning and accumulating success in the YouTube industry. Here all he has to say about the program and how it works. He just made the entire process of commencing new successful YouTube channels from scratch into three distinct parts. The Beta Phase, The Intermediate Phase, and the Scaling Phase. He goes through this procedure on every new YouTube channel he starts. Here is a breakdown of each level.

1.The Beta phase

Matt believes that the first thing is choosing your niche, or what your channel will be about, and making a list of 33 video ideas. He does keyword research to find low competition and elevated search volume keywords to set his channels up for success. He says this is to get initial traction and then the goal is to transition from search traffic to mostly suggested video traffic.

2.The Intermediate Phase

After you've chosen your niche and planned your first 33 videos, now it's time to actually prepare the videos. Whether you generate the videos yourself or you pay other people to make the videos for you as Matt does, he recommends making your videos at least 10 minutes long to get greater watch time which is an important classifying component in the YouTube algorithm.

3.The Scaling Phase

Once you've uploaded your first 33 videos, now Matt says it's time to assess and optimize based on your statistics. You can certainly search your stats in the analytics that YouTube itself provides you. He says to see what works and what doesn't and double down on what works.

Once you monetize your channel, you can pay other people to make the videos for you like Matt does. He explains he'd never be able to run 9 varied tunnels if he didn't have other folks preparing the video content for him.

All these points are really necessary to have the best chance of succeeding on YouTube. It's really high time as YouTube is already crowded with so many competitors and it's essential to be a part of this cut-throat competition you need to be able to best optimize your videos and have a competitive edge. Thus being the youngest and leading brain of YouTube he has amassed a lot at a very young age and making his proficiency reachable to millions by launching the new free youtube training program which is of immense help for numerous folks who are starting out fresh. We wish him good luck in the future.