Masters of the Universe: Revelation series Netflix

Netflix fans have to wait for the new Masters of the Universe: Revelation series until next year. The official release date hasn't been announced yet but Master of the Universe showrunner Kevin Smith recently gave a video on his twitter handle. He announces that this new series will be a "wholly original story set in the epic world of Mattel's over 35 years old global He-Man toy Franchise."

Smith said in a fan Question & Answer video, "When will you see it? probably not for a while."
He added: "Don't count on at least for six months but I've seen stuff and it's amazing."

Smith revealed in the twitter video that his friend and frequent film collaborator, actor Jason Mewes, will most likely be part of the Master of the Universe. "He ain't gonna be Orco, I'll tell you that right now but I can get him in there somewhere. He seems like a stinker to me," he said.

Original Masters of the Universe series speaks about the adventure of Prince Adam, heir to the throne of planet Eternia, who uses a magical Power Sword to transform into the warrior He-Man.

In August Smith announced that he would be serving as the showrunner and executive producer of the new animated series Master of the Universe: Revelation, which will focus on the unresolved story lines of the old original series.

Let's wait and watch out for the release date of the series.