Massive Fire Erupts at Moscow Business Centre; Dozens Trapped in Building as Ukraine 'Sabotage' Suspected

A massive fire broke out at a ten-storey business center in Moscow forcing emergency officials to rush to the scene as dozens were trapped inside the building. The mysterious fire at Grand Setun Plaza began early on Friday amid claims of another Ukrainian sabotage action.

Nearly 120 people have been evacuated from the building by the emergency officials and many believe that at least 40 more could be inside the building. All of them, two were rushed to the nearest hospital as they were seriously injured.

Russia fire
Fire broke out at Moscow's Grand Setun Plaza Screengrab

Officials Deployed Helicopter to Tackle Blazes

A Ka-32 firefighting helicopter was also deployed at the scene to tackle the blaze. Alexander Kurenkov, Russia's new emergency minister, also went to the fire site to monitor rescue and firefighting efforts.

Cause of Fire Not Revealed

Officials have not revealed the cause of the fire but reports suggested a possible short circuit that ignited the blaze.

The incident that took place in the Moscow suburb of Kuntsevo is not the first case of a mysterious fire in Russia as in recent months a number of Russian military facilities have witnessed fire incidents, which reports claim was the result of Ukrainian sabotage.

Russia fire
Fire broke out at Moscow's Grand Setun Plaza Screengrab

Ukrainian Sabotage Possible

US and allied enabling of a Ukrainian sabotage campaign inside Russia telegraphs a significant and escalating cost Putin can ill afford, Professor Douglas London, of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and a retired CIA officer, told Foreign Policy.

They underlined that some of the recent fires in Russia could be because of Ukraine.

Experts have pointed out that the fire at Dmitrievsky chemical plant and defense research Institute in Tver, where Iskanders and the S-400 were developed, could not be because of general human or technical error at the time of war.

Since the beginning of the war, nearly 29 mysterious fire incidents have taken place inside Russia involving multiple military facilities.