Massive Caravan of 3,000 Migrants Pushes Past Blockade and Moves Toward US, Carrying 'Biden for All' Banners

A group of 3,000 migrants pushed past authorities in southern Mexico and are heading north to the United States border. The massive migrant caravan consists individuals from Haiti, South America and Central America.

According to multiple media reports, the group commenced its trek Saturday by the city of Tapachula near the Guatemalan border. Mexican border agents, on the other hand, struggled and ultimately failed to stop them. There were minor scuffles, but the migrants, continued on their way. By any means, the caravan wanted to reach the U.S. border, where the number of migrants trying to gain entry was already hitting new records.

A caravan of migrants has broken through a Mexican police barricade in Tapachula
A caravan of migrants has broken through a Mexican police barricade in Tapachula Twitter

The Massive Caravan Storm Towards the US Border

The crowd carried American flags and banners supporting president Biden with messages such as "Biden For All," Fox News reported. One of the caravan leaders said, "We are going to resist. We are going to resist peacefully. We are not going for confrontation, we are going in the name of God and peacefully. What we want is to receive attention regarding the administrative immigration paperwork according to law."

According to the outlet, the caravan is highly organized, as assemblers arranged for migrants to register through a QR code on their phones or a web link to participate.

A Reuters video showed families putting children on their shoulders while they tried to get past officers. As per the footage, one family with a small child was knocked down with their personal items strewn on the ground.

The caravan comes as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced Friday that 1.7 million migrants have been arrested at the Mexico–United States border this fiscal year.

Mass Expulsion of Haitians Migrants from Texas

Border Patrol using whips against Haitian refugees
Border Patrol using whips against Haitian refugees Twitter

Last month, thousands of Haitian migrants gathered on both sides of the Mexico–United States border at Del Rio in southern Texas in hopes of gaining asylum in the United States. However, there were horrifying images that showed United States border guards using whip-like horse reins to threaten migrants from Haiti. The images were slammed as 'inhumane' and 'horrific,' despite the Texas Border Patrol agents vehemently denying that they whipped migrants.

Democrats also held a press conference demanding an end to "racism of how they're being treated", with Andy Levin tweeting "Haitian lives matter". Biden administration is facing a fresh and immediate challenge as it tries to manage large numbers of asylum-seekers who have been reaching U.S. soil.